Best Seat In The House : 18 Golden Lessons From A Father To His Son by Jack Nicklaus II and Don Yaeger

Best Seat In The House : 18 Golden Lessons From A Father To His Son by Jack Nicklaus II and Don Yaeger

Named a USA Today Bestseller, Jack Nicklaus II’s book, now available in trade paper, offers a collection of stories, insights, and valuable lessons passed down by his father, the legendary “Golden Bear.” The book, co-authored with New York Times bestselling author Don Yaeger, is bound to captivate golf enthusiasts of all ages, while also inspiring readers to prioritize what truly matters in life: family.

In “Best Seat in the House,” Nicklaus II shares eighteen profound lessons he learned from his father, PGA champion Jack Nicklaus. Despite Jack Nicklaus’ unparalleled success in golf, with an unmatched number of PGA major championships, his life and values demonstrate that a lasting legacy is built through nurturing relationships with loved ones, including children, grandchildren, and cherished friends.

Unveiling the secrets of his off-course triumphs for the first time, this book reveals various aspects that contributed to Jack Nicklaus’ greatness. These include the profound insight on how Jack and his wife, Barbara, crafted over fifty years of marriage, emphasizing the importance of selfless giving in relationships. The book also sheds light on the significance of establishing shared boundaries and limits within the family unit, in addition to highlighting Jack’s teachings to his son, Jack II, who served as his caddie, about the value of respect for competitors and treating them as he would hope to be treated. Above all, the book underscores the necessity of considering the legacies we leave behind and staying connected to them.

One memorable incident from Jack Nicklaus II’s life exemplifies the importance of family. After completing his second round in a Palm Beach County Junior Golf Association tournament, Jack II found himself signing his scorecard at the scorer’s table. Interrupted by news that his father was on the phone, he initially felt frustrated, not wanting to be interrupted on an important day. However, upon hearing his dad’s inquiry about his performance, Jack II devoted the following twenty minutes to meticulously recounting every hole and shot. At the end of the conversation, Jack Nicklaus revealed that he had won the US Open that very day, which was also Father’s Day in 1980. Jack II internalized a crucial lesson in that moment: family surpasses anything else in importance.

Unboxing Jack Nicklaus II’s Best Seat in the House: 18 Golden Lessons from a Golf Legend

Hello everyone, I’m Rob Thomas with Cleveland Resort Business and today we have another exciting addition to your library – a brand new book from HarperCollins Publishers. Instead of a video or channel, this time we have a captivating article to share with you.

Introducing “Best Seat in the House: 18 Golden Lessons from the Father to His Son”

Just in time for the PGA Championship, we have a remarkable book co-authored by Don Yaeger, featuring the legendary Jack Nicklaus II, or as many know him, Jackie. This piece is filled with captivating stories, profound insights, and valuable lessons learned from the “Golden Bear” himself.

Jackie, who spent several years caddying for his father, has firsthand experience of witnessing some of his father’s greatest triumphs on the golf course. This book delves into their unique father-son relationship, offering a lifetime worth of wisdom.

One particular story we’re excited to share involves a junior tournament. Despite feeling a touch annoyed when his father was preoccupied with a phone call and unable to hear about Jackie’s day, little did Jackie know that his father had just won the U.S. Open – on Father’s Day, no less. The depth of their relationship and the lessons learned from such experiences are truly remarkable.

This book provides fascinating insights into growing up as the son of a golf legend, carrying the weight of such a renowned name. The “Best Seat in the House” is a must-read for golf enthusiasts and anyone fascinated by the dynamic between fathers and sons.

Head over to or visit HarperCollins Publishers to grab a copy and enrich your club’s library with this remarkable piece. Your members will surely enjoy having this book on hand as they relax and socialize in the clubhouse.

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