Betty And The Mysterious Visitor by Anne Twist

Betty And The Mysterious Visitor by Anne Twist

An exciting new author, known for her popular social media presence, presents a charming and captivating mystery tale for young readers. Betty adores visiting her Grandma’s enchanting garden in Acorn Hollows – it is, without a doubt, her absolute favorite place in the whole wide world! Side by side, they care for Grandma’s magnificent wildflowers and berry bushes, even creating delectable jam to sell in the nearby farmers market. However, all is not well when an enigmatic creature appears, wreaking havoc and destruction upon the Hollows. Betty resolves to uncover a solution and save their cherished garden. Join Betty on her quest as debut author Anne Twist expertly crafts a heartwarming tale that celebrates both nature’s wonders and the precious moments spent together. Accompanied by the vibrant and exuberant artwork of esteemed illustrator Emily Sutton, this book will surely captivate young readers with its joyful imagery and heartfelt storyline.

Betty’s Quest to Save Acorn Hollows

Betty loved visiting her grandma every summer. Her grandma lived in the village of Wobbly Bottom, in a little house called Glebe End at the end of a row of cottages. At the bottom of Grandma’s garden, there was a little gate that led to Acorn Hollows, a shared garden for all the cottages. Acorn Hollows was Betty’s favorite place in the whole world. It had trees of all shapes and sizes, wildflowers that danced and bloomed, and the greenest grass she had ever seen. In the center of the garden stood an oak tree, where Betty loved to swing.

From there, she could observe all the creatures that lived in the garden. Acorn Hollows was vibrant, alive with every sound and bright with every color. Grandma grew various berries like raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and gooseberries, and Betty would help pick the fruits and turn them into delicious jams to sell in the market.

One summer morning, Betty woke up with excitement. It was market day. However, when she looked out of the window, the grass was a mess, all heckled and puffed. The once smooth path was now muddy and rough. She called out to Grandma, “Grandma, come quick! Somebody’s ruined our garden!”

“What a mess,” said Grandma. “I don’t know who did this, but we don’t have time to find out now. We must go or we’ll be late for the market.”

The market was bustling with activity. Everyone wanted to buy Grandma’s delicious jams. By tea time, they had sold the very last jar. As they were packing up their stall to leave, Betty couldn’t stop thinking about the ruined garden. She felt determined to find out who had tried to destroy Acorn Hollows.

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