Betty & Friends : My Life At The Zoo by Betty White

Betty & Friends : My Life At The Zoo by Betty White

America’s sweetheart, Betty White, renowned for her lifelong dedication to animal welfare and her numerous best-selling books, shares heartfelt and entertaining anecdotes about her beloved animal companions at the zoo. Accompanied by stunning four-color photographs, Betty White’s stories provide a unique and intimate glimpse into her deep connection with these extraordinary creatures.

Betty White: The Zoo Lover and Animal Advocate

Betty White, the ageless wonder, has been an animal advocate her whole life and recently released a new book titled “Betty and Friends”. In the book, she shares her love for animals and highlights the positive contributions of zoos. For over 50 years, Betty has worked with the Los Angeles Zoo, and through her book, she aims to shed light on the good that zoos do, which often goes uncredited.

Zoos not only provide an up-close experience with live animals that people wouldn’t be able to see otherwise, but they also play a crucial role in preserving biodiversity. Major zoos work together to trade animals and ensure the preservation of endangered species. Additionally, zoos work with small groups of animals in the wild, applying the knowledge gained from zoo settings to help keep those populations from disappearing.

One fascinating aspect of Betty’s relationship with animals is her bond with an orangutan named Bruno. While it may be unusual for an 89-year-old lady to have such a connection with a 380-pound animal, Betty explains that animals communicate with us all the time. By observing their behavior and paying closer attention, one can begin to understand the interaction and dynamics within animal communities.

As a child, Betty was drawn to all types of animals, from giraffes to gorillas. She finds each of them fascinating and has a deep love for all creatures with four legs. Betty’s career has been exceptional, with her most notable roles being in “Golden Girls” and “Mary Tyler Moore”. Currently, she is part of a series called “Hot in Cleveland” alongside Valerie Bertinelli, Wendy Malik, and Jane Leaves.

In her late years, Betty is grateful that her career is still thriving and she has a new show coming out called “Off Their Rockers”, a hidden camera game show where elderly people prank the young ones. At almost 90 years young, Betty’s energy and talent continue to shine.

Finally, Betty’s book “Betty and Friends: My Life at the Zoo” is available for purchase at local bookstores.

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