Beyond High Performance : What Great Coaches Know About How The Best Get Better by Jason Jaggard

Beyond High Performance : What Great Coaches Know About How The Best Get Better by Jason Jaggard

Unlock your team’s untapped capabilities with a groundbreaking book titled Beyond High Performance: What Great Coaches Understand About How The Best Improve. Authored by Jason Jaggard and the coaches of Novus Global, alongside the esteemed faculty of the Meta PerformanceTM Institute, this extraordinary work will illuminate the path to consistent success.

Within its pages, you will explore the contrasting trajectories of two distinct categories of exceptional leaders and teams: those who attain success only to stagnate, and those who continually reinvent themselves. By adopting a fresh perspective and fostering a culture conducive to triumph, you will gain the necessary insights to thrive.

Immerse yourself in a wealth of ideas and wisdom sourced from illustrious figures and industry giants in fields such as entertainment, government, business, and nonprofits. These invaluable resources will equip you with the potent tools required to unleash your team’s dormant potential.

The High Performer Problem: Unveiling the Challenges Faced by Top Achievers in Leadership #LeadershipChallenges

In a quote from an article titled “Beyond High Performance,” we explore the concept of the “high performer problem.” This issue came to light during informal consulting sessions with leaders from a Fortune 10 company, who were facing challenges with their own high-achieving team members. What surprised both parties was the realization that being a group of high performers could be the root cause of their difficulties.

Typically, being a high performer is seen as a positive attribute and a goal to strive for. However, these leaders discovered that it could also come with its fair share of problems. This revelation led to a thought-provoking question: what are the downsides of being a high performer?

While there may be many benefits to excelling in your field, it’s crucial to acknowledge that high performers can also face unique challenges. Let’s delve deeper into this intriguing phenomenon.

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