Beyond The Finish by Kyle Pease and Brent Pease

Beyond The Finish by Kyle Pease and Brent Pease

“For the most part, my childhood was similar to that of many others my age. Occasionally, I tried to misbehave, but aside from that, I had the opportunity to have some truly incredible experiences. You would never guess that I spent my days in a wheelchair. The things I learned while growing up shaped my aspirations for the future. Being a Peasey was a blessing, and I take pride in the person I have become and continue to become.”

Kyle Pease, diagnosed with cerebral palsy during his childhood, supported his athletic brothers Brent and Evan from the sidelines as he was unable to actively participate in sports due to his condition. However, this did not diminish Kyle’s love for sports, nor did it stop the Pease family from including him in various adventures. Whether it was scaling Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite National Park or zooming down snowy slopes in Colorado, the Pease brothers always found a way to embark on thrilling experiences. Wherever there was a wheel, there was a path to adventure.

Moving Beyond the Finish: The Inspiring Story of Kyle Pease and the KPF Foundation

Hello and welcome to another episode of Rolling with My Special Friends! Today we have a special treat for you as we have Brent and Kyle Peace, two inspiring triathlon athletes and founders of the Coyotes Foundation. These guys have run numerous races together and their story is truly inspirational. Let’s dive into their journey and find out how it all started and what the future holds for them.

Brent and Kyle, how are you guys doing today?

Kyle, could you tell us what it’s like to have a brother like Brent?

Brent, how has Kyle impacted your life?

Now, let’s talk about how this foundation got started. Brent, could you share the story behind it?

Kyle, what inspired you to do these races together with Brent?

As athletes, how do you train for these races?

Kyle, how do you prepare mentally for a race?

And what about nutrition? What are some of the foods you eat while training?

Brent, do you train any differently because you have Kyle with you?

Kyle, what about you? How do you prepare for races?

Now, let’s talk about the races themselves. Where do you typically compete?

Can people virtually join you in your races?

Let’s dive deeper into your foundation. What is the Kyle Peace Foundation all about?

How do you sponsor so many athletes for races?

How do you partner with other non-profit organizations?

What are your future plans for the foundation?

Kyle, what do you want people to read in the book of your life?

Brent, what do you want people to read in the book of your life?

Now, let’s talk about getting involved. How can people donate to the foundation?

Is there a way to purchase merchandise from the Kyle Peace Foundation?

Alright, now for some fun questions. Brent, could you share a funny story about you and Kyle?

Kyle, do you have a funny story about Brent?

Lastly, Brent and Kyle, what do you hope your legacy will be?

Thank you both for joining us today and sharing your incredible story and the work of the Kyle Peace Foundation. To learn more or donate, visit the foundation’s website at Make sure to check out their book, “Beyond the Finish,” available on Amazon. And don’t forget to follow them on social media for updates and inspiring content. Stay tuned for more updates from Kyle and Brent in the future!

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