Beyond The Story : 10- Year Record Of Bts by Bts and Myeongseok Kang

Beyond The Story : 10- Year Record Of Bts by Bts and Myeongseok Kang

Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS is an essential work for all devoted BTS supporters. This sturdy hardcover publication offers a captivating glimpse into the band’s decade-long odyssey. Inside, you’ll find exclusive interviews, unseen photographs, and even QR codes granting access to trailers, music videos, and more. Immerse yourself in the group’s evolution as they candidly discuss the highs and lows of their musical voyage, while reflecting on their numerous triumphs. Embark on a nostalgic journey as key moments in their history come alive, explore their concept photos, tracklists, and albums, and draw inspiration from their unwavering determination and boundless enthusiasm.

This book is an enchanting expedition that reveres the immense influence of BTS and their steadfast commitment to enacting positive change. No matter where you find yourself in your own personal journey, let Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS become your trusted companion and guiding light.

BTS: A Decade Unveiled – Official Trailer and Beyond

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