Bible And The Moral Life by C Freeman Sleeper

Bible And The Moral Life by C Freeman Sleeper

In this book, C. Freeman Sleeper explores the role of the Bible in shaping our understanding of Christian responsibility. While different church bodies and individuals look to scripture for guidance on ethics, they often draw different conclusions about moral life.

Sleeper’s book examines how the Bible can serve as a moral guide, particularly in addressing contemporary ethical issues. He specifically explores how different church bodies use the Bible to speak to these issues, and he also dives into the authority of scripture by analyzing four fundamental styles of moral reflection: law, prophecy, apocalypse, and wisdom.

Furthermore, Sleeper delves into the development and utilization of social policies by church bodies. He emphasizes the distinction between the way churches communicate with their own constituents and how they engage with the world at large.

The book provides a detailed examination of the ethics surrounding nuclear war and abortion. Additionally, practical exercises are included throughout, allowing readers to actively engage with the material.

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