Bible Code by Michael Drosnin

Bible Code by Michael Drosnin

Author: Michael Drosnin
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For thousands of years, a hidden code within the Bible has remained a mystery. However, recent developments in computer technology have allowed this code to be unlocked, potentially revealing insights into our future. An Israeli mathematician successfully broke the code and presented their findings in a respected science journal, which were subsequently confirmed by renowned mathematicians across the globe.

This book provides an in-depth account of this groundbreaking scientific discovery, told from the perspective of a skeptical reporter who became intertwined in the story. The Bible code, which dates back three thousand years, surprisingly predicts events that occurred long after its writing. Remarkably, it foresaw significant historical events such as the Kennedy assassinations, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the rise of Bill Clinton to the presidency. It even predicted moments as monumental as World War II, the Holocaust, the Moon landing, and the collision of a comet with Jupiter.

In certain instances, the code offered detailed predictions beforehand, which subsequently unfolded exactly as foretold. For instance, the code accurately identified the start date of the Gulf War weeks in advance and predicted the date of the Jupiter collision months before it occurred.

Notably, the book’s author, investigative reporter Michael Drosnin, even discovered a prediction of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin in the Bible more than a year prior to the tragic event. Drosnin personally warned the Prime Minister about it, and afterwards, he was asked to brief the new Prime Minister and the head of Israel’s esteemed intelligence agency, the Mossad.

The book is the result of Drosnin’s extensive five-year investigation, during which he interviewed experts from around the world. He spent considerable time with Dr. Eliyahu Rips, the mathematician who initially discovered the code, as well as renowned mathematicians from Harvard, Yale, and Hebrew University. Additionally, Drosnin consulted with a senior code breaker from the highly classified U.S. National Security Agency, who confirmed the existence of the code in the Bible and its ability to reveal future events.

While it remains uncertain whether the Bible code accurately foretells future occurrences, it is believed by some to be a warning sign of unprecedented danger, possibly hinting at a nuclear World War—the actual Apocalypse. Regardless, the code compels us to entertain the notion that we are not alone, as it challenges us to ponder whether it describes an inevitable future or a range of potential outcomes that we still have the power to shape.

The Principle Behind ‘The Bible Code’: Author Michael Drosnin Defends His Book

The principle behind the research is quite straightforward: words that are closely related should appear together in the text. In this case, we are referring to an article or web post rather than a video or channel. Instead of subscriptions, likes, and notifications, we will focus on the content itself.

Veronica and Nia, for instance, should only appear close to each other because they are related. It’s important to note that this analysis is not based on predicting the future like a crystal ball, but rather on the accuracy of past events. The Bible Code has been remarkably accurate so far, which leads us to consider what it reveals about future events.

During his time at Columbia, Dr. Rip’s, whose name is Timothy McVeigh, discovered encoded information in the book of Genesis. One such event is the ambush of Tara on Day 19 at the ninth hour in the morning. This finding highlights the significance of the text and its ability to reveal hidden connections.

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