Biblia Para Principiantes, Primeras 100 Palabras De La Biblia by The Beginner’s Bible

Biblia Para Principiantes, Primeras 100 Palabras De La Biblia by The Beginner's Bible

Looking for an engaging way to teach your young children about the Bible? The Beginner’s Bible First 100 Bible Words is a beautifully illustrated board book that introduces early readers to important words found within beloved Bible stories. This child-friendly book features:

  • Opportunities for children aged 0-4 to learn words from their favorite Bible stories
  • A sturdy and easy-to-manage format, perfect for little hands
  • Engaging 3D artwork with captivating details to capture young children’s attention

The Beginner’s Bible First 100 Bible Words is not only ideal for birthdays, Easter baskets, children’s baptisms, and holiday gifts but is also a great companion for road trips, boredom busters, and activity time. It can be used at home, in schools, and even in children’s ministries such as Sunday schools. Since its release in 1989, The Beginner’s Bible has become a beloved illustrated Bible for young children and their parents, selling over 25 million copies in English and Spanish.

The Creation: God’s Creation of the World and Adam and Eve’s Journey

Do you know how the world began? How God created it by hand, from mighty mountains to the raging sea, to every leaf on every single tree? It’s all in the holy book, just open up and take a look. It’s a story for young and old alike, a story of creation.

The Beginning

In the beginning, there was God. The earth was empty and dark. God looked over the surface of the world, and it was time for something to happen. “Let there be light!” And just like that, the earth became bright. God called the light “day” and the darkness “night.” And with that, the world had experienced its very first day.

Creation Continues

But God was just getting started. The next thing to do was to make the sky above the world and to fill it with clouds. And that’s exactly what God did on the second day.

On the third day, God separated the water from the dry land. God created all kinds of things to put on the land, like rocks, mountains, valleys, deserts, and beaches. There were oceans and seas, rivers and lakes. But it wasn’t done yet. It was time for God to make all the plants. God made tall trees, short bushes, vines, ferns, leaves, and flowers. Each flower had a different size, color, shape, and smell. And all the grasses, plants, and trees that make seeds and fruits were made on the third day too.

On the fourth day, God made a brilliant light in the sky called the sun to light up the day and a silvery one called the moon to add some light to the night time. And to make the night even more beautiful, God added billions of twinkling stars to the sky.

On the fifth day, God made creatures to live in this beautiful world. There were birds and more birds. And in the rivers, oceans, seas, and lakes, God made fish. The oceans were full of all sorts of amazing creatures.

But God wasn’t done yet. On the sixth day, it was time to make the rest of the animals. God created big animals and small animals, spotted animals and horned animals. Every one of God’s animals was beautiful. And on this day, God created the first man. His name was Adam.

Adam and Eve

God wanted Adam to have a companion, so God created woman. Adam named all the animals in the garden, and God saw that Adam needed someone to be with. So, God made Eve. They lived very happily in the Garden of Eden, surrounded by a beautiful landscape and all kinds of animals.

God gave Adam and Eve just one rule: they were not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They could eat anything else in the garden, but not from that tree.

The Temptation

One day, a serpent approached Eve. It told her that she should eat the fruit from the tree, promising that she would become smart like God. After some hesitation, Eve took a bite and convinced Adam to do the same.

The Consequences

When God found out, there were repercussions. The serpent was cursed to crawl on its belly and eat dust forever. Adam and Eve were punished as well. They had to leave the Garden of Eden and face a life outside that would be much harder. They would have to work hard and experience pain and suffering.

But, even though they had to leave the garden, God did not abandon them. God continued to watch over Adam and Eve wherever they went.

And so, Adam and Eve began their new life outside the garden. They experienced joy and sadness, good things and bad. However, they would always carry with them the knowledge that they were loved and watched over by God.

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