Big Book Of Bible Questions by Amy Parker and Doug Powell

Big Book Of Bible Questions by Amy Parker and Doug Powell

Unravel the enigmas of the Bible alongside acclaimed children’s author Amy Parker and apologist Doug Powell, as they join forces to tackle some of the most pressing inquiries kids have concerning the Bible and theology.

The Great Guide to Bible Inquiries explores children’s most challenging questions about the Bible, providing them with sound theological responses presented in a relatable and captivating manner. This book is brimming with amusing tidbits, dispelling of common misconceptions, and elucidations of biblical and theological principles. Accompanied by captivating illustrations and authentic photographs, this remarkable resource not only addresses children’s burning Bible inquiries—both major and minor—but also fosters spiritual dialogues and nurtures a lifelong passion for exploring the sheer splendor and awe-inspiring essence of faith, the Bible, and God.

The Angelic Visit: Why Mary and Joseph Received a Message That Changed History

In the New Testament, a significant event takes place when an angel visits Mary and Joseph. It is believed that God had an incredibly important message to deliver to them, perhaps one of the most critical messages in history. However, God knew that this message might be difficult for them to believe, so He chose to send His messenger, the angel Gabriel. The purpose of Gabriel’s visit was to inform Mary and Joseph that they would become parents to the Savior of the world, God’s own son.

Although the presence of an angel as a messenger should have brought comfort, this news was still hard for Mary and Joseph to comprehend. Mary was a young unmarried girl, engaged to Joseph, and the idea of her having a baby at this time seemed impossible. Additionally, the thought of how Joseph would react to the news that his future wife was already going to have a child weighed heavily on their hearts.

However, Gabriel appeared to them and provided a detailed explanation. He assured Mary that she would become pregnant through the Holy Spirit. Moreover, he enlightened Joseph about the significance of Mary’s baby—this child was the Savior God had promised to the prophets. Although they couldn’t fully grasp the magnitude of what lay ahead, both Mary and Joseph agreed to be a part of this extraordinary plan.

Little did they know that they were agreeing to be a part of the best plan ever—a plan orchestrated by God Himself to save the world.

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