Big Girls Go Potty by Marianne Richmond

Big Girls Go Potty by Marianne Richmond

Discover a heartwarming tale by the renowned author Marianne Richmond that will empower and inspire your toddler throughout their potty training journey!

Marianne Richmond’s delightful storytelling and vibrant artwork beautifully capture the familiar and sometimes daunting adventure of potty training. In ‘Big Girls Go Potty’, Richmond creates a memorable experience for both parent and child. Through her trademark ability to convey complex emotions and deep connections, she offers a truly touching lesson.

This practical book is destined to become a cherished favorite among readers who appreciate Marianne’s unique artistic style and insightful narratives. With its direct and nurturing approach, ‘Big Girls Go Potty’ speaks directly to your little one, providing them with an extra dose of encouragement and a warm, comforting smile.

Big Girls Go Potty: A Joyful Journey to Potty Training Success

Hello everyone! Today, I have a delightful story to share with you called “Big Girl’s Body,” written and illustrated by Marian Richmond.

In this charming tale, we meet a little girl named Emma and her trusty companion, Bear. Emma proudly declares that she is a big girl now – she can feed herself, help Bear, and even read books with her mommy and daddy.

But despite all that, there’s still one thing that separates her from other big girls – the diapers she wears. You see, big girls use the potty to go pee pee and poop. So, naturally, Emma’s mommy and daddy are thrilled to present her with her very own potty, perfectly sized for her.

Emma and Bear excitedly sit on the potty, hoping for success while enjoying story time. However, accidents happen along the way. Emma’s daddy reassures her that accidents are a part of learning and that they’re completely okay. With each practice session, she improves.

Eventually, Emma achieves independence. She knows exactly how much toilet paper to use and understands that too much can cause problems for the potty. Emma flushes her waste away and diligently washes her hands with soap and water, making sure they’re dry before moving on.

A proud moment arrives when Emma goes shopping for big girl underwear, adorned with beautiful flowers. Her mommy and daddy beam with pride, as does Emma herself.

This heartwarming tale also offers some helpful advice for little ones who may be unsure of when to use the potty. Emma teaches us to listen to our bodies and trust our instincts. When we get that “funny feeling way down low,” it’s time to stop what we’re doing and go to the potty.

To sit on the potty and wait patiently, knowing that eventually, the time will come to go. Even if it doesn’t happen right away, it’s okay to try again later. Emma encourages us not to worry, as she experienced the same uncertainty but eventually learned.

Finally, after some practice, Emma successfully uses the potty and proudly exclaims, “Hooray for me!” With a sense of accomplishment and newfound comfort, she bids farewell to diapers and embraces the cozy feeling of wearing big girl underwear.

So, my dear readers, let Emma’s story inspire and encourage young ones on their own journey to becoming big boys and girls. Trust in the process, keep practicing, and remember that accidents are just part of learning. Soon enough, they’ll be able to proudly say, “Hooray for me!”

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