Big Red : Three Months On Board A Trident Nuclear Submarine by Douglas C Waller

Big Red : Three Months On Board A Trident Nuclear Submarine by Douglas C Waller

The Trident nuclear submarine is a remarkable war machine created by the United States Navy, boasting an impressive collection of advanced military technology. With a price tag of $1.8 billion, this 18,750-ton steel behemoth surpasses the Washington Monument in length and stretches wider than a three-lane highway. Its ability to navigate stealthily under the ocean’s surface for extended periods makes it incredibly elusive to enemy detection. Furthermore, each individual submarine is equipped with twenty-four ballistic missiles, capable of unleashing an explosive force comparable to that of all conventional weapons used in World War II.

Renowned “Time” magazine correspondent, Douglas C. Waller, offers readers an unprecedented glimpse into the secretive realm of Trident submarines. Having been granted more access than any previous journalist, Waller takes us on a thrilling three-month patrol deep within the Atlantic Ocean on the U.S.S. “Nebraska,” providing a captivating account of life onboard.

Though the Cold War may be over, the U.S. Navy maintains a constant presence of Tridents in the world’s oceans, prepared to unleash nuclear devastation at a moment’s notice. In “Big Red,” Waller reveals the highly classified protocols for initiating nuclear warfare, including secret codes, fail-safe measures, and classified battle strategies.

This book takes readers into the clandestine environment of these submarines, shedding light on their hidden rituals and the life experiences of those who spend months submerged beneath the waves. It offers a unique perspective on the hope these submariners hold: that they never have to unleash the immense destructive power at their command.

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