Bigby Presents : Glory Of Giants (Dungeons & Dragons Expansion Book) by Wizards RPG Team

Bigby Presents : Glory Of Giants (Dungeons & Dragons Expansion Book) by Wizards RPG Team

Explore the magnificent realms of giants with this supplementary book for the world’s most renowned roleplaying game. Bigby the Great regales his expeditions into the past, legend, and community of giants in this comprehensive guide to their domains in the realms of Dungeons & Dragons. Here, Bigby, alongside the demigod Diancastra, offspring of the giants’ patriarch, Annam, unveils the enigmatic secrets of Annam’s formidable descendants. Adventurers will discover an array of options tailored to giants: a barbarian subclass, two backgrounds tied to giants and their magical runes, as well as feat choices that embody the strength and primal sorcery of the giants. Masters of the Dungeon will find inspiration in animating giants with detailed maps of giant-made locations, intriguing new monsters, impressive treasures, and captivating trinkets found within giants’ satchels. Allow Bigby and Diancastra to enliven your understanding of the iconic giants in D&D!

Dive deep into untold giant lore, encompassing an overview of the hierarchical structure of the ordning, giants’ worship, and explore concepts behind the organizations and societies of giants across the vast multiverse. This supplement unleashes giant-themed character options, enabling adventurers to channel the magnificence of giants, with the introduction of a new barbarian subclass, the opportunity to select from two new backgrounds intimately linked to giants, and the ability to unlock eight new feats that harness runic magic and elemental might. Additionally, revel in the presence of a remarkable trove of over 30 magical

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