Biggest Loser : The Weight Loss Program To Transform Your Body, Health, And Life– Adapted From Nbc’s Hit Show! by Maggie Greenwood-Robinson

Biggest Loser : The Weight Loss Program To Transform Your Body, Health, And Life-- Adapted From Nbc's Hit Show! by Maggie Greenwood-Robinson

The diet and exercise plan that caused a sensation among TV viewers on the hit reality show The Biggest Loser is finally available in book form. The show, which aired in the Fall of 2004, captivated audiences with its overweight contestants competing to lose weight and win a quarter of a million dollars. Fans eagerly sought out the diet and fitness plan used by the contestants, and now they can achieve the same life-changing results.

The book features the food and fitness plans developed by experts such as Maggie Greenwood-Robinson, Cheryl Forberg, and Michael Dansinger, as well as the motivational tips from the contestants themselves. With dramatic before-and-after photos and inspiring stories, readers can transform their bodies, health, and lives just like the contestants did on the show.

This long-awaited book is the answer to the fans’ pleas, and offers a real-life guide to achieving the same incredible weight-loss journey as seen on The Biggest Loser. It’s time to start your own transformation and become the biggest winner in your own life.

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