Biggest Story Coloring Book by Crossway Publishers

Biggest Story Coloring Book by Crossway Publishers

Introducing the 104 Coloring Pages for Children – a captivating coloring book built on the foundation of the 104 Bible Stories that inspired The Biggest Story Bible Storybook. This delightful coloring book brings to life over 100 events from the Old and New Testaments, offering children an enjoyable way to connect with Scripture as they discover the complete narrative of the Bible.

Crafted with care, this coloring book spans across 104 pages, ensuring hours of Bible-centered entertainment for children aged 6-12. With a layflat cover and perforated pages, it offers a convenient and user-friendly experience for young artists.

Embellished with vibrant artwork taken straight from The Biggest Story Bible Storybook, these colorful illustrations serve as vivid reminders, helping children to recall and engage with stories ranging from Genesis to Revelation.

The 104 Coloring Pages for Children is just one of the remarkable resources available in the expansive Biggest Story suite. To enhance the learning experience further, consider exploring the range of additional products, including verse cards, posters, and an engaging activity book (sold separately).

The Biggest Story Curriculum: Teaching the Bible to Kids Made Easy and Engaging

Introducing the Brand New Biggest Story Curriculum from Crossway

Children today are bombarded with messages that challenge their foundational beliefs about God, sin, and right and wrong. That’s why it’s more important than ever for Christian parents, church leaders, and Sunday school teachers to faithfully teach the good news of the Bible to the next generation. The Biggest Story Curriculum was designed to make teaching the basics of the Bible to kids easy, thoughtful, and engaging.

An Overview of the Curriculum

The Biggest Story Curriculum is a comprehensive two-year curriculum that teaches kids the big story of God’s plan of redemption through 104 lessons. It covers both the Old and New Testaments and is aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 12. The curriculum is flexible and can be used for children’s ministry in church, homeschooling, or in the classroom.

What makes the Biggest Story Curriculum unique is the thoughtful and intentional design that went into its creation. The team behind it includes artists, animators, Bible teachers, pastors, and Sunday school teachers who have years of experience in children’s curriculum. Their goal was to create a curriculum that is easy to use and adaptable to different settings.

How It Works

The curriculum comes in a box set that contains five volumes of lesson plans, each corresponding to a section of the Bible. It includes the Pentateuch, History, Poetry and Prophets, the Gospels, and Acts, Epistles, and Revelation. There is also an additional volume called the Coloring and Activity Book, which includes coloring pages, puzzles, and activities for each story.

Each chapter of the curriculum follows the same structure, with three main sections: read, teach, and engage. In the “read” section, the teacher prepares for the lesson by following three simple steps. The “teach” section provides the big picture of the lesson and offers different options for presenting the story, including reading from the Bible, using the Biggest Story Bible storybook, or playing animated videos.

The most important part of teaching the lesson is to make the gospel connection. In the “teach the story” section, the teacher presents the highlights of the lesson and emphasizes how it connects to the gospel message of Jesus saving sinners. The section ends with a clear gospel message to reinforce the main point of the Bible story.

The “engage” section provides opportunities for children to interact with the lesson. It includes small group questions, memory verses, group activities, and crafts that reinforce the main truth of the lesson. There is also a workbook that contains coloring pages and activity sheets that can be photocopied for all the children in the class.

Supplemental Resources

In addition to the curriculum, there are supplemental resources available to enhance the teaching experience. These include posters that correspond to each lesson, memory verse cards, the Biggest Story Bible storybook, and activity and coloring books. These resources are not necessary but can be helpful in reinforcing the lessons.

The Biggest Story Website

To make the curriculum even more accessible, there is a dedicated website,, which serves as a one-stop shop for teachers and parents using the curriculum. The website offers sample lessons, downloadable coloring pages and activity sheets, videos, purchasing guides, and FAQs.

The Biggest Story Curriculum is a comprehensive and adaptable resource that aims to teach children the life-changing truths of the Bible. Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or just starting out, this curriculum makes it easy to engage and inspire the next generation. So, thank you for your dedication to teaching children and may God bless your efforts.

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