Bite Risk by S J Wills

Bite Risk by S J Wills

Author: S J Wills
View book: Bite Risk

Embark on a thrilling journey to Tremorglade in the enchanting novel Bite Risk by S.J. Wills. Step into a captivating realm where grown-ups transform into werewolves and youngsters teeter on the precipice of uncovering a well-kept secret. As peculiar incidents commence, Sel and his companions find themselves compelled to assemble the puzzle pieces before the arrival of the full moon. Engage in an exploration of cryptic truths and traverse the eerie confines of this quaint township, while unearthing the true peril concealed within the shadows.

From the unsettling hum emanating from drones to the inexplicable disappearances plaguing the vicinity, these brave children must unite their efforts to halt the advancement of the malevolent force that threatens their community. The clock ticks ominously as Sel and his comrades join forces in a gripping race against time. Prepare for an unparalleled escapade, immersing yourself in a tale that defies convention and invites you into a world of thrills, chills, and werewolf-infused suspense. Secure your very own copy of Bite Risk today and set forth on an extraordinary expedition!

BITE RISK: A Thrilling Young Adult Adventure in a World of Werewolves and Deception

Hello, I’m SJ Wills, the author of “Bite Risk,” an upcoming thrilling novel published by Simon and Schuster.

I’m thrilled to announce that Peters will be revealing the cover for this exciting book. The cover, brilliantly illustrated by Jose Real, perfectly captures the essence of the story and looks incredibly cool.

“Bite Risk” is the first installment in a thrilling series aimed at young readers aged 11 and above. It takes place in a world where, once a month, almost every adult transforms into savage werewolf-like creatures called Rippers. In this isolated town called Tremorglade, it becomes the children’s responsibility to ensure the Rippers are safely locked up before nightfall.

Usually, this system works flawlessly. However, one night, everything goes awry. A small group of friends begins to suspect that someone in the supposedly safe and friendly town is not who they claim to be. They realize that this person harbors ill intentions and seeks to harm them. The question becomes, who can they trust? The danger could come from anyone, but could it come from everyone?

I wrote “Bite Risk” with young readers in mind, those who feel that they have outgrown children’s books but are not quite ready for or interested in the themes found in young adult novels. These readers don’t necessarily crave romance but yearn for an adrenaline rush, thought-provoking concepts, and the complete immersion in a world where they are eager to accompany the characters on their journey, regardless of the outcome.

I hope that these readers will thoroughly enjoy “Bite Risk” and find it to be the perfect balance of excitement and adventure.

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