Black Bird, Volume 4 (Original) by Kanoko Sakurakouji

Black Bird, Volume 4 (Original) by Kanoko Sakurakouji

Enter the enchanting realm of mysticism and romance! Immerse yourself in a world where fantastical beings and magical wonders intertwine with our own reality, visible only to a select few. Among them is Misao Harada, a young individual who resolutely rejects the allure of otherworldly dimensions. All she desires is a typical high school experience, complete with the joys of teenage romance. Little does she know, she is the fated bride of a prophesied demon, whose existence grants her extraordinary abilities and eternal youth.

Now, a captivating war ensues in the demon realm, as rival factions vie for ownership of Misao’s hand in marriage—or her life itself. Despite the constant peril she faces, Misao remains steadfast in her commitment to stay by the side of her beloved, Kyo, no matter the consequences. However, an unexpected encounter with one of Kyo’s dearest friends offers her a firsthand glimpse into the complexities that plague a relationship between humans and demons.

Tadanobu, the heir to the illustrious Kitsune clan, made an unthinkable sacrifice to be with his mortal girlfriend. But circumstances now demand that he assume leadership of his clan, forcing him to forsake his love—an unfortunate turn of events directly caused by Kyo.

Blackbird Vlog: Compelling Paranormal Romance in 18 Volumes

Blackbird: A Paranormal Shoujo Romance Web Post Vlog

Hi everyone! Welcome to my web post vlog on the manga series Blackbird. In this vlog, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and reactions to each volume of the series as I read through it. If you’re a fan of age gap romance, paranormal stories, and a touch of smut, this series might just be for you.

The Premise

In Blackbird, we follow the story of Misao, a girl who has the ability to see demons. On her 16th birthday, she becomes a target for demons who want to consume her power or marry her to gain power. Kyo, a Tengu and the clan leader, is determined to protect Misao. Their journey is filled with romance, paranormal elements, and steamy moments.

My Initial Thoughts

I was initially drawn to Blackbird because of its paranormal and age gap romance elements. The first volumes introduced the characters and set up the story, which got more interesting as it progressed. The dynamic between Misao and Kyo was intriguing, and I was excited to see where their relationship would go.

Exploring the Relationship

As the series continued, Misao and Kyo’s relationship became more complex. There were moments where their dynamic could be seen as possessive, but it allowed for character growth and exploration of their feelings. The series delves into the Dom/sub relationship trope, although it remains consensual and respectful.

The smutty scenes were approached tastefully and were an integral part of the story. The series balanced romance and plot development, making for an enjoyable reading experience.

The Final Arc

The final arc of the series showcased the consequences of Misao being pregnant with Kyo’s baby. The stakes were high, and the conflict intensified. Without giving away too much, the series concluded in a way that stayed true to the characters and their growth.

Overall Thoughts

On the whole, Blackbird was a solid paranormal shoujo romance. It had its flaws, and not everyone might enjoy the Dom/sub dynamic or certain plot elements. However, for fans of age gap romance, paranormal stories, and a touch of smut, this series is worth checking out.

Personally, I enjoyed my time with Blackbird and found the characters endearing. While it may not be a series I consider as a top-tier favorite, it was a fun and entertaining read. The artwork was visually appealing, and the story kept me engaged throughout the 18 volumes.

If you’re interested in picking up Blackbird, I recommend starting with the first volume to see if it aligns with your reading preferences. And if you enjoy this type of content, let me know in the comments below, as I may consider vlogging other manga series in the future.

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