Black Dogs Project : Extraordinary Black Dogs And Why We Can ‘ T Forget Them by Fred Levy

Black Dogs Project : Extraordinary Black Dogs And Why We Can ' T Forget Them by Fred Levy

Combatting Black Dog Syndrome is a global mission, and the Black Dogs Project is playing a crucial role in raising awareness. This captivating photo series, created by renowned animal photographer Fred Levy, has gained viral status on Tumblr in 2014. Referred to as “Black Dog Syndrome” within animal shelters and rescues, it highlights the unsettling reality that black dogs are often the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized.

Fred Levy initially couldn’t comprehend the extent of this issue, so he embarked on a journey to engage with shelters and explore the truth. Shockingly, he discovered that Black Dog Syndrome is not a mere isolated occurrence; it’s a widespread epidemic. In response, Levy decided to utilize his talent behind the camera to showcase the true magnificence of black dogs, providing the world with a new perspective.

The stunning photo series, aptly named The Black Dogs Project, has now traveled across the globe, disseminating awareness and shedding light on this pressing problem. Capturing the inherent beauty of black dogs through his lens, Levy’s photographs have touched countless hearts and inspired action. In a commendable initiative, a portion of all proceeds generated from the Black Dogs Project will be dedicated to supporting black dog rescue efforts.

Dakota: A Tale of Healing and Connection

Hi, I’m Fred Levy, the photographer behind the Black Dogs Project. A few years ago, I released a book filled with stories about these incredible animals. With some downtime in the studio, I thought it would be nice to read one of these stories with you.

A Heartwarming Tale of Dakota

When we first laid eyes on Dakota, we were instantly captivated by his sweet nature. I happened to come across him on the Animal Rescue League website and suggested that we visit him. Coincidentally, I was struck with a migraine on the very day we met Dakota.

As soon as he stepped out of his kennel, Dakota climbed up onto the bench where I was sitting and began sniffing my face. It was as if he could sense that I wasn’t feeling well and wanted to offer comfort. In that moment, my husband Brett and I knew that Dakota was meant to be our dog.

Prior to adopting Dakota, I had been struggling with anxiety attacks and finding it difficult to cope with certain changes in life. Since Brett often works long hours, there are moments when I find myself feeling lonely and depressed at home. Seeking an alternative to therapy, I discovered the potential benefits of having a dog to help with mental health disorders such as depression.

Truly, Dakota has become one of the greatest sources of non-medical therapy for me. He has the incredible ability to make me smile when I’m feeling down, and he is always there to lend an ear when we’re home alone together. It’s as though he understands my need to laugh or cry, providing comfort without judgment.

Aside from his adorable floppy ears, one of Dakota’s most remarkable qualities is his sensitivity to others, both humans and animals. A couple of months after bringing him into our home, we took him to the vet. There, we encountered a senior dog battling cancer. Typically, Dakota becomes anxious and agitated in the presence of other dogs. However, this time was different.

Without hesitation, Dakota quietly nestled himself next to the sick dog, gently nudging him as if to say, “What’s wrong? Can I help?” It was in that moment that I truly understood just how special Dakota is.

Christina and Brett

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