Blood And Guts : How Tight Ends Save Football by Tyler Dunne

Blood And Guts : How Tight Ends Save Football by Tyler Dunne

The definitive guide to the real men of the gridiron: NFL tight ends. There is no other profession in sports quite like being an NFL tight end. You have the formidable task of overpowering 320-pound defensive ends in the running game, contorting your body in impossible angles to make acrobatic catches downfield in the passing game, and possessing a certain level of fearless intensity. The tight end position is a unique combination of intelligence, strength, and resilience that leaves its players covered in bruises, both visible and unseen.

The book, BLOOD AND GUTS, chronicles the captivating journey of the tight end position, highlighting the legends who have graced this role from the likes of Mike Ditka and John Mackey in the 1960s to the dominant force that is Rob Gronkowski today. While football has evolved over the years, the tight end remains a constant and essential part of the game.

However, it was no accident that these individuals were drawn to this position. BLOOD AND GUTS, written by Tyler Dunne, takes readers on a revealing journey as he interviews some of the greatest tight ends ever. Their stories unveil why they were uniquely suited to embody the blood and guts of football, playing an indispensable role in keeping this sport alive and thriving.

Each tight end has their own remarkable tale. Mike Ditka’s grit and toughness defined the sport in the 1960s. Ben Coates, a son of a World War II veteran, utilized his strength built from years of manual labor to bulldoze defenders on the field. Tony Gonzalez transformed from a bullied kid into a fearsome force that struck terror into the hearts of defensive backs. Jeremy Shockey, fueled by a relentless desire to prove doubters wrong, has always left everything on the field. The young “Gronk” idolized Shockey and took his passionate approach to even greater heights.

Within the pages of BLOOD AND GUTS, these extraordinary American tight ends share countless gripping, never-before-told stories. One moment, a tight end like Gonzalez comes close to unintentionally striking a coach in the eye. The next, a tight end like Shockey breaks someone’s orbital bone in a bar fight. Their experiences and impact transcend the realm of sports.

BLOOD AND GUTS breathes life into these exceptional individuals, painting a vivid portrait of the men who have forever left their mark on the NFL. It celebrates the relentless spirit, intense dedication, and fearless nature that makes tight ends truly one-of-a-kind.

Tyler Dunne on ‘The Blood and Guts: How Tight Ends Saved Football’

Hey everyone, it’s Adrian Hernandez here. We have a special guest with us today, Tyler Dunn, the founder of go and author of the book “The Blood and Guts: How Tight Ends Saved Football.” In our conversation, Tyler discusses his book and the importance of tight ends in the game of football.

The first question asked to Tyler is if someone can consider reading the book if they listen to the audiobook version. Tyler states that the audiobook is a great option for those on the go, although he encourages people to buy the hardcover as well.

One of the main points of the book is the evolution of the tight end position, from primarily blocking to being a versatile player involved in all aspects of the game. Tyler explains how this idea of the book came to him and how his passion for football played a big role in it. He also emphasizes the mental pressure that many tight ends have had to overcome in their lives, making their stories even more compelling.

Tyler discusses his most memorable interviews with tight ends and highlights the story of Jackie Smith, who is more than just the player infamous for dropping a pass in the Super Bowl. He also talks about his conversation with Rob Gronkowski and the clash between his larger-than-life personality and the rigid culture of the New England Patriots.

Adrian asks Tyler about the future of the tight end position and he explains that while teams still value blocking tight ends, they are also seeking athletic players who can make plays down the field. However, he mentions that finding a balance between blocking and receiving skills is becoming harder as the position becomes less prominent in college football.

The conversation then shifts to the state of journalism in sports. Tyler expresses his desire to move away from the short, social media-driven news cycle and focus on long-form storytelling and in-depth coverage. He discusses the importance of building relationships and leveraging personal connections to provide readers with a more authentic and nuanced understanding of the game.

The interview concludes with a discussion about the current struggles of star quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Tyler reflects on his past interactions with Rodgers and how their relationship deteriorated after he wrote a critical article about the quarterback. He also discusses Derek Carr and the potential of the Las Vegas Raiders to contend for a playoff spot.

Adrian asks Tyler to choose three tight ends he would bring to Topgolf for a fun night. Tyler selects Dallas Clark, Shannon Sharpe, and Rob Gronkowski, highlighting their unique personalities and experiences in the book.

Overall, the interview provides insight into the world of tight ends in football and the stories behind their success. Tyler’s passion for the game and his desire to bring long-form journalism to the forefront shine through in this conversation.

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