Bloodrights by N Lee Wood

Bloodrights by N Lee Wood

Author: N Lee Wood
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An extraordinary narrative unfolds within the pages of this compelling book, encompassing a kingdom in dire jeopardy secured in the clutches of a deceitful ecclesiastical institution, and the triumphant restoration of its legitimate leader.

Daughters of Khaine Battletome: Faction Rules and Updates

G’day and welcome to the AoS coach sneak peek into the 2022 Daughters of Kane Battle Tome. That’s right, there is another update to Daughters of Kane, updated for third edition. Games Workshop was kind enough to send me this copy in advance, but like always, I’m under no obligation to do a review. In this article, I’m going to focus on the Daughters of Kane allegiance abilities, sub-faction rules, battle line options, and various enhancements like spells, prayers, and artifacts, while sharing some initial observations with you.

Allegiance Abilities

Daughters of Kane will continue to enjoy the Blood Rights table, although there have been some slight changes. They have also gained a new faction-wide heroic action and a new command ability. The fanatical faith ability has been cleaned up and is now defined as a 6+ ward. The Blood Rights table has also been updated, with re-roll ones becoming +1, and a change to battle round 5 granting a 5+ ward instead of re-roll ones to save and ignore battleshock.


There are six sub-factions to choose from, retaining the same options from the previous book. Each sub-faction offers unique benefits and synergies for different playstyles. Hagnar gives +1 to the blood rights table, Drakey Ganeth improves rend for witch elves and sisters of slaughter when they charge, Craith allows sisters of slaughter to fight a second time, Calibron allows you to set up a unit anywhere on the battlefield, Keltma allows retreat and charge in the same turn, and Xentha Kai allows snakes to fight before they die.

Battle Line Options and Enhancements

Witch Elves and Sisters of Slaughter are always battleline, regardless of sub-faction. Blood Sisters, Blood Stalkers, and the new Shadow Stalkers can also be chosen as battleline options. However, there are no options to make any of the cauldrons battleline. Each sub-faction offers different options for battleline choices, giving players more variety in their list-building.

Command Traits and Artifacts

There are seven command traits and nine artifacts to choose from. The command traits offer various benefits such as improving casting rolls, adding extra attacks, or increasing the blood rights table for the general. The artifacts also offer unique abilities, such as auto-slaying enemy models, healing the bearer, or creating a bubble that prevents the enemy from receiving certain commands.

Spells and Prayers

Daughters of Kane wizards have access to six spells from the Lore of Shadows, while priests have six prayers to choose from. The spells and prayers offer different utility and offensive options, allowing players to customize their magic phase to suit their playstyle.

Overall, the Daughters of Kane Battle Tome for 2022 remains competitively strong and offers a variety of options for different playstyles. The changes in the blood rights table, sub-factions, battle line options, and enhancements provide more flexibility and strategic depth for players. Command traits, artifacts, spells, and prayers also offer interesting choices to further customize and optimize your army. Daughters of Kane players and newcomers alike can look forward to exploring the updated Battle Tome and discovering new ways to dominate the tabletop.

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