Blue Dog Man by George Rodrigue

Blue Dog Man by George Rodrigue

An American art and popular culture book showcases a collection of seventy paintings that portray the beloved Cajun character, Blue Dog.

George Rodrigue: Preserving Cajun Heritage through Blue Dog

George Rodrigue, a renowned artist, was born and raised in Cajun country, Louisiana. He dedicated his art to preserving his traditional heritage, capturing on canvas the essence of his land, people, traditions, and mythology. His Blue Dog series, inspired by the French Cajun loup-garou legend, brought him worldwide acclaim and turned into modern masterpieces.

In addition to his artistic achievements, Rodrigue was a passionate philanthropist. He founded the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts, which promotes the importance of arts in education. The foundation provides art supplies for schools, scholarships, and arts integration programs throughout Louisiana.

The Blue Dog series, featuring a werewolf-like dog, was born from a childhood ghost story Rodrigue heard about the loup-garou. Using photographs of his studio dog Tiffany as a reference, he painted a pale gray dog with red eyes against a blue night sky. Over time, Rodrigue evolved his style, making the dog’s eyes yellow and exploring his pop and abstract interests. Blue Dog became his signature symbol, allowing him to venture beyond Cajun country and embark on artistic missions and adventures.

Today, George Rodrigue is celebrated for his iconic Blue Dog paintings, which have become a lasting legacy of his artistic journey and commitment to preserving his Cajun heritage.

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