Blue Jean Buddha : Voices Of Young Buddhists by Unknown author

Blue Jean Buddha : Voices Of Young Buddhists by Unknown author

In today’s society, where the Dalai Lama’s image is used to promote technology, tantra is employed by celebrities to enhance their public image, and Nirvana brings to mind a popular band rather than spiritual enlightenment, the question arises: what does Buddhism mean to young adults in their twenties and thirties? Blue Jean Buddha offers a collection of firsthand accounts from young Buddhist practitioners, providing a unique and authentic glimpse into their experiences.

This book delves into the lives of young Americans, ranging from their late teens to early thirties, who have wholeheartedly embraced Buddhism. Through thirty-three personal narratives, readers gain insight into a wide range of life stories, valuable lessons, and challenges faced by these individuals. These stories include growing up in Zen centers, navigating complicated relationships, coping with the end-of-life journey, and finding solace through marathon running as a form of meditation.

Author Sumi Loundon expertly contextualizes the diverse array of experiences shared in this book, shedding light on the importance and relevance of Buddhism for today’s young generation. Blue Jean Buddha has received critical acclaim, being named a finalist in the 2002 Independent Publisher Book Awards (Multicultural Non-Fiction – Young Adult) and earning recognition in NAPRA’s Nautilus Awards in the Personal Journey/Memoir/Biography category.

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