Blue Limbo by Terence M Green

Blue Limbo by Terence M Green

Author: Terence M Green
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Mitch Helwig is a courageous police officer in a futuristic version of Toronto that is descending into chaos. The streets are dominated by drugs and criminals who hold more firepower than the undermanned police force. When Mitch is unjustly dismissed from the department by a corrupt superior, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

With his life savings, he acquires advanced weaponry and gear, embarking on a daring quest to restore order to Toronto, even if it means fighting alone. However, Mitch is not immune to the emotions of a human being; when his wife abandons him, taking their daughter, his distress becomes an opening for his adversaries to seek revenge.

Introducing “Blue Limbo,” a gripping narrative that explores themes of retaliation and heroism. This powerful novel combines heart-pounding action with richly developed characters in a metropolis plagued by crime and institutional corruption. Witness as one man, burdened by personal tragedy, breaks free from the suffocating weight of despair to mount a resolute resistance.

Terrence M. Green: Canadian Sci-Fi & Fantasy Writer | Early Life, Career, and Personal Achievements

Terrence Michael Green, born on February 2, 1947, is a Canadian writer known for his science fiction and fantasy works. He has published a collection of short stories and novels, with some of his most acclaimed works being “Witches’ Children” (1992). Green’s writing focuses on the intricacies of character development and explores complex social dynamics.

Early Life and Education

Green was born in Toronto, Ontario, to Thomas and Margaret Green. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Toronto in 1967 and later pursued a Master’s degree at University College Dublin. In 1973, he completed another Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto.


Green’s writing career spans across short stories and novels. His first Canadian publication, “Of Children in the Foliage,” appeared in “Aurora: New Canadian Writing” in 1979. His debut in the United States came with the publication of “Till Death Do Us Part” in the December 1981 issue of “The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.”

One of Green’s notable novels is “Barking Dogs” (1988), which originated from a short story. Set in a future where individuals possess portable lie detectors, the story delves into the impact of truth on justice and social relationships. Four years later, Green released “Children of the Rainbow” (1992), a praised time-travel novel that combines elements of mutiny, anti-nuclear protests, and Inca religion.

Shadow of Ashland Trilogy and Blue Limbo

“Shadow of Ashland” (1996) draws inspiration from Green’s own life and revolves around a son’s search for his dying mother’s brother. It explores themes of redemption, resolution, and homecoming. The novel received positive reviews, with the New York Times Book Review complimenting its exploration of psychological disruption caused by time shifts. Two sequels to “Shadow of Ashland” followed: “A Witness to Life” (1999) and “Saint Patrick’s Bed” (2001).

In 1997, Green published “Blue Limbo,” a futuristic thriller centered around the “blue limbo” technique, which revives the dead into consciousness. The story follows a rogue cop seeking vengeance for the murder of his partner. Critics describe Green’s writing style as quiet and restrained, with a focus on characterization. His science fiction works are considered uniquely Canadian, with a graceful exploration of social environments and an avoidance of technology for its sake.

Personal Life and Current

In 1968, Green married Penny Dakin, with whom he had two sons, Connor and Owen. They divorced in 1990. He remarried Merle Kashi in 1994, and they have one son named Daniel. Green retired from teaching English at East York Collegiate Institute, where he had been employed since 1968. He now works part-time as a creative writing instructor at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.


Throughout his career, Green has received several grants and award nominations. He was awarded three Canada Council for the Arts grants, two Ontario Arts Council grants, and two Toronto Arts Council grants. He has been nominated twice for the World Fantasy Award (1997-2005) and multiple times for the Prix Aurora Award (1990-1998).

Selected Works

– “The Woman Who Is the Midnight Wind” (1987)
– “Barking Dogs” (1988)
– “Children of the Rainbow” (1992)
– “Shadow of Ashland” (1996)
– “Blue Limbo” (1997)
– “A Witness to Life” (1999)
– “Saint Patrick’s Bed” (2001)
– “Sailing Times Ocean” (2006)

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