Bluey : Easter by Penguin Young Readers Licenses

Bluey : Easter by Penguin Young Readers Licenses

Experience an enchanting Easter tale alongside the delightful duo of Bluey and Bingo! Enter the captivating world of the Disney+ sensation Bluey with this engaging storybook, exclusively crafted by Penguin Young Readers Licenses. Immerse yourself in the Easter egg hunt escapade as Bluey and Bingo embark on a quest to uncover whether the Easter Bunny has inadvertently overlooked them. Brought to life through captivating visuals and a touching narrative, this paperback treasure allures as an ideal Easter present for your beloved little ones. Don’t miss the chance to embark on an enthralling adventure by acquiring your very own copy of Bluey: Easter now!

The Hunt for Easter Eggs: A Bluey Adventure

Thank you for joining me in reading with Miss Jess today. Our story is called “Bluey Easter: The Night Before Easter at the Healer House.”

A Promise of Easter Fun

It’s the night before Easter, and excitement fills the Healer household. Dad assures the kids that the Easter Bunny won’t forget them this year. However, Bingo still has doubts, remembering when the bunny was late last year. But Mom and Dad reassure the children that the Easter Bunny will remember them this time.

A Mysterious Clue

The next morning, Bluey and Bingo check their Easter pouches, but instead of chocolate eggs, they find a box and a letter. Bluey suspects these are clues to where the Easter Bunny has hidden their eggs. They discover a chatterbox inside the letterbox, and Bluey deciphers the clue: “East ER egg.”

A Kitchen Adventure

Bluey suggests that the eggs might be in the kitchen, as Cooks often work there. They race off and search the kitchen but find no chocolate eggs, only a Kiwi fruit with an egg-like shape. Bingo is disappointed, but then a new clue emerges. Louis realizes that the eggs might be hidden in the playroom.

The Playroom Castle

Bluey and Bingo rush to the playroom and search under the Kiwi rug, but still no eggs. Bingo starts to feel disheartened, thinking that the Easter Bunny likes other children more. However, Louie spots an arrow on the rug, pointing to the backyard. The girls split up and continue their search outside.

A Royal Discovery

While searching the backyard, Bluey comes across a peculiar sandcastle. Bingo notices the Poinciana flowers planted in straight lines, unlike their usual higgledy-piggledy pattern. Curiosity drives them to investigate further. They rush upstairs to get a better view and discover a drawing of a castle. Inspired by their find, they decide to head to the airport.

The Airport Dilemma

Bluey, eager to journey to the castle she found, races off to the airport. However, Bingo realizes that the castle Bluey is referring to is in London. Despite the setback, they both recognize that the castle clue is likely pointing to a different castle. Eventually, they stumble upon a roll of toilet paper and eggs, realizing it’s a new clue.

A Smelly Obstacle

The clue leads them to the upstairs bathroom, where the search for chocolate continues. Despite the foul smell, Bluey bravely enters the stinky toilet, determined not to let it dampen their Easter spirit. As they search, Bingo collapses from the smell but then spots something familiar.

Rediscovering the Clue

Bingo recognizes that the sketch she received from Louis resembles their window, even though they had already searched their room. Frustrated, Bingo concludes that the Easter Bunny has forgotten about them, blaming herself for being forgettable. But Louie reassures Bingo, emphasizing her intelligence and resourcefulness. Both girls realize their own worth.

Remembered at Last

Suddenly, the girls spot footprints—Easter Bunny footprints! They follow them all the way to their dad’s study, where they uncover the hidden chocolate eggs beneath the yoga ball. Relief and joy fill the air as they realize that they were remembered after all.

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