Bluey : Merry Christmas : A Coloring Book by Penguin Young Readers Licenses

Bluey : Merry Christmas : A Coloring Book by Penguin Young Readers Licenses

A Christmas coloring book, ideal for enthusiasts of the acclaimed animated series Bluey, available on Disney+, has been unveiled. Immerse yourself in a world of festive joy as you embellish various illustrations, including delightful scenes such as ‘Veranda Santa’ and a Christmas swim.

This captivating coloring book contains over 60 pages featuring Bluey and Bingo, reveling in the festive spirit alongside their cherished friends and family members.

How to Draw Bluey: Step-by-Step Cartoon Drawing Tutorial

Hey friends! Today, we’re going to draw Bluey, one of our favorite TV show characters. You can watch Bluey on Disney Plus if you haven’t seen it yet – it’s a fantastic cartoon!

To draw Bluey, you’ll need paper and something to draw with. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Drawing Bluey’s Eye

We’ll start by drawing an oval shape in the middle of the paper. Make it a bit towards the top so that we have space for her body below. Inside the oval, draw a smaller circle for the pupil.

Step 2: Drawing Bluey’s Nose and Mouth

Next, draw a straight line from the middle of the eye. Then, curve down for the front of Bluey’s nose. Keep going at a diagonal angle below her eye, and curve in for her smile. Stop underneath the eye and curve back around to draw her open mouth.

Step 3: Drawing Bluey’s Teeth, Nose, and Other Eye

Above the bottom of her mouth, draw a line for her front teeth. Draw a bumpy line going back into her mouth. Now, draw the other side of her mouth connecting to the teeth. Inside her mouth, draw a small curved line for her tongue.

Now, draw a little curved shape for Bluey’s actual nose. It should look like a triangle when you’re done. Leave some space and draw an upside-down “u” for her other eye, and draw half of the pupil since the other half is hidden behind her nose.

Step 4: Drawing Bluey’s Body

Bluey’s body is a big rectangle shape with rounded corners. Start above her eye and draw a line just above it. Then, curve the top of the head and go past it. Draw another curve for the side of her body, and another curve at the bottom. Connect the side curve to her snout, making it look like it’s behind her nose.

Step 5: Drawing Bluey’s Eyebrows, Ears, Arms, Legs, and Tail

Draw two curves for Bluey’s eyebrows. They may look like little squares.

Next, draw her ears. Start upward from the left eyebrow and draw a diagonal line that connects to the top line. Repeat on the other side. Inside her ears, draw triangle shapes.

Draw her arms using diagonal lines and her hands with little ‘u’ shapes. Draw her legs with diagonal lines, then curve to draw her paws.

Finally, draw a curved line for her tail, followed by another curved line below it. Give the tail bumps on the top and bottom for details.

Step 6: Adding Bluey’s Spots

To finish, add a curve on her tail, a curve under her eye to connect to her body, and a line from the top of her eye to the top of her head. Draw a spot on her other eye, a small spot under her arm, and a larger spot below that. Great job – you’ve drawn Bluey!

Step 7: Coloring Bluey

Feel free to pause the video to match the same coloring. For Bluey, we use a light blue for her paws and belly, and a light blue stripe around her snout. Have fun coloring your Bluey drawing!

We hope you had fun following along with us for this Bluey drawing tutorial. See you next time!

Goodbye, friends!

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