Bluey : Sleepytime by Joe Brumm

Bluey : Sleepytime by Joe Brumm

Welcome to a whimsical journey filled with dreams and imagination as we dive into the pages of this enchanting picture book featuring Bluey and Bingo! This delightful story is inspired by the beloved Bluey animated series, which has captivated audiences and can be found on Disney+. Settle in for a cozy evening at the Heeler household, where sleepiness fills the air.

Our little adventurer, Bingo, has decided that it’s time for her to embrace the world of Big Girl sleep, and she is determined to make it through the night all on her own. As Bingo closes her eyes, her mind transports her to a magical realm where she embarks on a marvelous journey with her dear friend, Flopsy.

Swirling through the cosmos of dreams, Bingo finds herself soaring through mesmerizing landscapes and encountering fantastical creatures. Each page unfolds to reveal breathtaking illustrations that will captivate young readers and ignite the spark of their imagination. As we follow Bingo’s imaginative escapades, we wonder if she will be able to navigate through her dreamy adventure and return safely to her cozy bed by morning.

This heartwarming tale of bravery and the power of dreams will delight children and parents alike. With its captivating storytelling and stunning fold-out pages, this book offers a unique reading experience that will leave young readers eager for more storytime adventures with Bluey and Bingo.

So, join us as we dive headfirst into this dream-filled adventure, where anything is possible, and hearts are filled with wonder. Get ready to embark on a whimsical journey that will transport you to the enchanting world of Bluey and Bingo!

Bluey: Sleepytime Adventures in Space | A Read-Aloud Journey with Tom Keneally

Hello, I’m Tom Kennealy. I write books for adults, but I also enjoy children’s books. One of my favorites is called “Bluey Sleepy Time.” Let me share it with you.

It’s nighttime at the Gila house. Bingo is reading her second book with her mom, while Bluey is already fast asleep. It’s time for lights out. Bingo wants to sleep in her own bed like a big girl. Her mom assures her that she is always there if she needs her.

Bingo feels a little scared as she embarks on her first night as a big girl. Something remarkable is about to happen. This book has big pages, and as Bingo holds onto her stuffed toy, Floppy, she begins to dream.

In her dream, Bingo sees broken pieces of Australia coming together. Suddenly, she breaks out of the egg of the earth and finds herself in space. Floppy is by her side. Bingo knows she mustn’t forget Floppy as they journey through space.

They encounter a warm, glowing light and head towards it. On the way, they pass another planet where someone else has already hatched. The book poses a mystery: who could it be?

Meanwhile, Bluey finds herself in her mom’s bed, asking for water. Her mom, exhausted, fulfills her request and finds Bluey fast asleep. But Bingo isn’t done with her adventures. She and Floppy venture into space again.

They discover a cozy planet emitting light. It’s not just any planet; it’s their dad’s bed. Mom is back in their room, unaware of the comings and goings. Bingo and Floppy join Bluey, who is fast asleep. But in Bingo’s mind, the adventure in space continues.

They encounter a planet that resembles Mars, with its red hue. It’s a fun place to jump around, although not enjoyable for Dad. Eventually, he carries Bingo back to her bed and tucks her in.

Bluey asks Dad to sing to her as she goes to the toilet. Meanwhile, Bingo is ready to dream again and venture back into space.

All three end up back in Mom and Dad’s room. The blanket slips off, and Bingo and Bluey shiver in the cold. Bingo spots the warm glowing light once more, and suddenly, she’s back in space.

On their way towards the light, they encounter another planet. This time, it has Floppy’s friends spinning around it. In her dream, Bingo allows Floppy to join them.

But then, something unexpected happens. Something rushes towards Bingo, and she’s enveloped in warmth. She realizes she’s landed on a planet that is so big and warm it makes her dream of being hugged by her mother.

However, Bingo reminds herself that she wants to be a big girl, so she must continue her journey. Her mother’s voice reassures her that she’ll always be there, even if she can’t see her.

As Bingo returns to where she started, Floppy and her friends help her piece together the broken bits of the Earth. With the top almost assembled, Bingo bids Floppy goodnight and thanks her for everything.

In the end, Bingo sleeps peacefully in her own bed, like a big girl. The story concludes as Bingo, Floppy, and Bluey bid farewell.

Thank you for listening to the story!

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