Bluey : What Games Should We Play ?: A Lift- The- Flap Book by Tallulah May

Bluey : What Games Should We Play ?: A Lift- The- Flap Book by Tallulah May

A delightful lift-the-flap board book packed with delightful discoveries! Inspired by the acclaimed animated series Bluey, available on Disney+, here are enchanting tales like Keepy Uppy, Magic Asparagus, Featherwand, and beyond! Experience endless amusement and unexpected wonders alongside Bluey and her loved ones as they embark on their daily adventures. Complemented by interactive flaps, this irresistible board book is an absolute must-have for ardent followers of the sensational Bluey!

Stay in the Iconic Bluey Heeler House on Airbnb!

Welcome to Bunya Toy Town! Good day, mates! We have a special surprise for all you Bluey fans. Airbnb and the creators of Bluey have recreated the Gila House. That’s right, you can now experience Bluey’s house in real life! One lucky Australian family will have the opportunity to stay in the iconic Heeler home.

How to Book

Bookings open on the 15th of February at 8 am Australian Eastern Daylight Time. All you have to do is log into, search for “Bluey,” and enter for a chance to win a weekend getaway in the Heeler home. And the best part? It’s only $10 a night! Your beauty, come on, let’s have a sneak peek!

The House

From the moment you step inside, you’ll feel like you’re in Bluey’s world. Check out the living room where you can recreate some of the show’s funniest moments. The kitchen is perfect for making omelettes, and you can even find Bluey’s famous duck cake waiting for you.

In Blue and Bingo’s bedroom, you’ll find the iconic watermelon rug. Don’t forget about Floppy, the beloved toy dog, and the long dog hiding somewhere inside the real house. The replica artwork on the fridge adds an extra touch of authenticity.

Explore Blue and Bingo’s playroom, complete with an identical Kiwi rug. Try your luck at the claw machine and win yourself a great dancer toy. Have a tea party with Polly Puppy and don’t forget Chatter Max, who’s always ready for some fun. And don’t miss the real-life rainbow tent that awaits you!

In Bandit and Chilli’s bedroom, you’ll find a cozy atmosphere for a perfect night’s sleep. If you need to de-stress, why not take a relaxing bath or play a game of “Burger Shop”? And outside, there’s plenty of space for an obstacle course. Challenge yourself to run as fast as a greyhound!

Throughout the house, you’ll discover small details like the glass-stained window and the statue dog that practices not getting distracted. It’s perfect for the kitties, but just remember not to give Agatha any cow milk. And for a memorable gathering, why not have an awesome barbecue in the backyard?

So, what are you waiting for? Visit and search for “Bluey” to book your stay in the Heeler home. Thank you for joining our Bluey house tour! Stay tuned for more adventures! From Mom, Bluey, and Bingo, click the subscribe button to receive updates.

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