Bob Dylan All The Songs : The Story Behind Every Track Expanded Edition by Philippe Margotin and Jean-Michel Guesdon

Bob Dylan All The Songs : The Story Behind Every Track Expanded Edition by Philippe Margotin and Jean-Michel Guesdon

An updated edition of a comprehensive account of Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize-winning work has been published. This book provides the full story behind every recording session, album, and single that Dylan has released throughout his almost six-decade-long career. Bob Dylan: All the Songs focuses on Dylan’s creative process and his authentic, unburdened approach to recording. It is a one-of-a-kind book that uncovers the lesser-known tales behind the vast collection of over 500 songs he has shared with the world over his career.

The book is organized chronologically, following the sequence of his albums, and it has been updated to include his most recent work, such as Rough and Rowdy Ways—his 39th album, released in 2020. Authors Margotin and Guesdon delve into the origins of Dylan’s melodies and lyrics, providing insights into his recording studio techniques along with details about the instruments he utilized. Moreover, they shed light on the contributions made by a multitude of musicians and producers to his extraordinary body of work.

Love Minus Zero/No Limit | The Story Behind the Song: Inner Strength and Secret Love

The second love song on Bob Dylan’s album “Bringing It All Back Home,” titled “Love Minus Zero/No Limit,” takes a more direct approach compared to “She Belongs to Me.” Despite the presence of mysterious and dark imagery, this song praises a lover who remains steadfast and loyal. Instead of relying on overt displays of affection, the narrator draws emotional strength from inner resolve.

The subsequent verses delve into the chaos that attacks the narrator’s thoughts, but the unwavering support of his lover serves as a refuge. Critics may analyze, bridges may shake, and statues may fall, but she remains calm and unaffected. Like the Mona Lisa, she exudes a peaceful and zen-like attitude.

By the end of the song, the presence of the narrator’s lover fills his mind. The intense obsession resembles the haunting presence of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.” However, the symbolism of a bird with a broken wing tapping on the narrator’s window signifies the hidden vulnerability of his lover, which contrasts with the inner strength he admires.

The inspiration for this appreciation of a wise and uncontentious partner likely stems from Sarah Lowndes. Sarah, a former model and Playboy Bunny, entered Bob Dylan’s life in late 1964, leading to their secret wedding in November 1965. Sarah often visited the Grossman family home in Woodstock, where she became acquainted with Bob through her friendship with Sally Grossman, who appeared on the cover of “Bringing It All Back Home.”

While living at New York’s Chelsea Hotel with her daughter Maria, Sarah’s work connections at the film production company Drew Associates introduced Bob and his manager to the emerging filmmaker Don Pennebaker, who later made the famous documentary “Don’t Look Back.”

Bob was captivated by Sarah’s stunning beauty and zen-like calmness. Unlike many other women he encountered, she had no hidden agenda to impress him or analyze his lyrics. Following Eastern mysticism, she possessed a selfless quality that harmonized with Bob’s ambitious personality.

Their relationship remained a closely guarded secret, with Dylan’s close friends only discovering their marriage several months later. Encouraged by his Buddhist friend, the renowned poet Allen Ginsberg, Bob delved into Eastern mysticism, particularly the ancient oracle known as the I Ching. He enthusiastically recommended the I Ching to his friends, attributing a magical truth to it while paradoxically admitting his own skepticism, saying, “I don’t believe in anything.”

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