Body Language Of Horses by Tom Ainslee and Tom Ainslie

Body Language Of Horses by Tom Ainslee and Tom Ainslie

Horses possess an extraordinary ability to communicate using a unique language comprising of posture, gestures, and sounds. They effectively convey their needs, desires, and emotions to both their fellow horses and the rare individuals who comprehend them. Having delved into this exceptional, exhilarating, and inspiring publication, you will gain an in-depth understanding of equine communication. Consequently, you will be able to identify:

  • A content horse
  • A fearful horse
  • An enraged horse
  • An uninterested horse
  • A mournful horse
  • A frustrated horse
  • A horse in distress
  • A playful horse
  • A proud horse
  • A fiercely competitive horse
  • And myriad other equine personalities!

Furthermore, you will acquire the knowledge needed to reassure frightened horses, alleviate the anger of agitated ones, provide comfort to grieving equines, and divert the boredom of disinterested ones. Moreover, you will possess the skills to address various other human-horse difficulties. This guide will equip you with the ability to educate a young foal or rehabilitate a wayward horse. You will be able to observe racehorses as they approach the starting gate and accurately distinguish potential victors from those destined to lose. You will even be able to make well-informed decisions when purchasing a horse.

However, the real reward lies in comprehending the true essences of these magnificent creatures and gaining a deeper understanding of how both they and we fit into the intricate tapestry of nature.

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