Bombay Boomerang by Franklin W Dixon

Bombay Boomerang by Franklin W Dixon

Frank and Joe Hardy find themselves embroiled in a case that has dire implications for national security after Joe mistakenly calls the Pentagon. Upon hearing the two words “Bombay Boomerang” before abruptly losing the connection, the brothers are thrust into a dangerous and mysterious adventure.

Simultaneously, Frank and Joe are tasked with rescuing their father from a lethal gang that is pilfering shipments of mercury in Baltimore’s harbor. As they delve deeper into the investigation, they uncover clues that connect the stolen mercury to the highly classified Super S missile, which has gone missing from a government arsenal.

Time becomes their greatest adversary as the Hardys race against the clock to thwart a sinister plot designed to sow chaos throughout the United States. Through their resourcefulness and determination, the three Hardy investigators successfully dismantle the malevolent scheme, preventing widespread devastation.

Bombay Boomerang: A Race Against Time

Chapter One: A Mysterious Gang

This gang seems to be operating along the entire Atlantic seaboard,” Fenton Hardy said. The famous detective seemed casual, but his sons sensed tension in his voice.

“You’re really worried about this one, Dad, aren’t you?” asked Frank, the dark-haired son.

Mr. Hardy nodded. “Since it’s quicksilver the gang is after, they’d naturally operate out of cities like Boston, Baltimore, and Bayport. After all, most of the stuff we import comes from Europe, doesn’t it?”

“Right,” Mr. Hardy replied. They discussed the case and the importance of quicksilver in industries.

“Quicksilver is one metal that remains liquid at room temperature. How is it being brought in, Dad?” Joe asked.

“In iron flasks, about 14 inches tall, shaped like milk bottles. Each flask has a steel cap that screws down tight to prevent leakage, and a flask is heavy when it’s full, weighs 135 pounds,” Mr. Hardy explained.

“What on earth—” Joe started, but was interrupted by the sound of shattering glass as a large object crashed through the window and landed on the floor.

“Oh chet,” exclaimed Joe, recognizing the object as a boomerang. Chet Morton, the Hardy boys’ best friend, had a fascination with boomerangs and had been trying to master carving them recently.

The boys quickly realized that Chet was hiding on the premises. After the situation was explained, they were interrupted again by the sound of heavy footfalls on the stairs. Two men burst into the room, looking for Mr. Hardy. The situation escalated quickly, with threats and violence.

Chet managed to escape through a back door, and the police were called. The gang’s involvement with quicksilver and the potential danger it posed became even more apparent.

Chapter Two: A Sinister Message

Despite the attack and the danger, the Hardy boys were determined to continue investigating. They spoke to Chief Colleague about the incident and decided to keep a watchful eye on the suspicious characters.

The gang retaliated by vandalizing Miss Jackson’s car and leaving a threatening message. The Hardys were more determined than ever to solve the case and protect their father.

They reached out to their friends for help and came up with a plan to meet Elle Marx at the hotel in Baltimore. They were cautious, aware that the gang was targeting them.

Chapter Three: A Shocking Discovery

Upon arriving at the hotel, the Hardys discovered that Marx had checked out and left a message for two acquaintances, Fred and Jim. It was clear that Marx was involved with the dangerous gang.

A setback occurred when the Hardys were lured into a trap and knocked unconscious. They woke up to find themselves in a wrecked repair shop, realizing that the gang was even more dangerous and determined than they had thought.

Using their resourcefulness and quick thinking, the Hardys managed to escape. They contacted Chief Colleague again and informed him of their current situation.

Chapter Four: A Race Against Time

With their father’s cover blown and the stolen Super S missile in the hands of the gang, the Hardys were faced with a race against time to recover it. They met with Admiral Rogers and learned more about the gravity of the situation.

Admiral Rogers entrusted them with classified information about the stolen missile and enlisted their help in finding it. The Hardys knew they had to act quickly and cautiously, aware that international powers were interested in acquiring the Super S missile.

Chapter Five: A Fiery Crash

On their way to meet their father in Baltimore, the Hardy boys were targeted once again by the gang. Their taxi was forced off the road, resulting in a fiery crash.

Despite the setback, the Hardys remained determined to continue their mission. Their pursuit of the gang would lead them to unravel even more mysteries and dangers.

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