Bon Appetempt : A Coming- Of- Age Story (With Recipes!) by Amelia Morris

Bon Appetempt : A Coming- Of- Age Story (With Recipes!) by Amelia Morris

When Amelia Morris spotted a magnificent, towering chocolate cake in Bon Appétit magazine, she couldn’t resist bringing the recipe home to recreate it for her Christmas day brunch. However, her attempt resulted in a disastrous (yet delicious) mess that had to be served in a large bowl. Strange as it may seem, this mishap served as a powerful metaphor for the peculiar and unexpected situations Amelia has found herself in throughout her life.

From her short-lived career as a six-year-old wrestler to her Brady Bunch-esque family dynamics (minus the housekeeper and perfect harmony) to her ill-fated job in her twenties at the School of Rock in Los Angeles, chaos has often reigned supreme in Amelia’s life. Searching for order amidst the pandemonium and yearning for a more meaningful existence, she discovers solace and purpose in the kitchen.

Amelia learns that even if her culinary endeavors don’t meet the sky-high standards set by glossy food magazines, they still have the power to bring satisfaction and sustenance to herself and her loved ones. In the midst of the chaos, she finds joy and meaning, one delicious meal at a time.

BON APPÉTEMPT is filled with witty reflections on food, family, unemployment, romance, and the extremes of modern life in Los Angeles. Alongside these humorous anecdotes, you’ll find a variety of recipes, ranging from simple delights like Toasted Cheerios to more intricate creations like gâteau de crêpes.

For anyone who has experienced setbacks and failures, only to come out stronger on the other side, BON APPÉTEMPT will strike a chord. It is a testament to the idea that sometimes, when life serves up a mess, the end result can be unexpectedly amazing.

Lemon Pasta – Amelia & Teddy’s Delicious Recipe

Welcome back to “In the Kitchen with Amelia and Teddy”! Teddy’s a little under the weather, but it hasn’t slowed us down too much. During my last visit to the doctor, they advised me to take it easy – it feels like I’m six months pregnant! Out of all the recipes in Matt’s book, one is receiving a lot of attention – Lemon Pasta. This dish is made with lemon juice, cream, Parmesan, olive oil, and garlic, resulting in a truly delicious flavor.

Despite Teddy feeling a bit sick, they say that “starving a fever” is one way to combat it. One thing I appreciate about Matt’s recipe is that it allows for flexibility in terms of ingredients. If you want a lighter version, you can skip the cream, but we’re going all out with the full version – cheese included!

The first step is to crush and mince half a cup of garlic. Meanwhile, you can zest the lemon. Once all your components are ready, start boiling your pasta water. Measure out three-fourths cup of heavy cream and half a cup of Parmesan. Heat a quarter cup of olive oil in a pan and add the chopped garlic. Make sure to move it around to prevent burning, and then turn off the heat.

Next, add four chunks of lemon zest and the juice of one lemon to the pan. Bring the mixture to a simmer before adding the heavy cream and whisking in the cheese. I personally love parsley, so I’ll be adding a half-cup of chopped parsley to the dish. Finally, add the cooked pasta to the sauce and give it a good stir – the aroma is simply amazing!

Teddy had to step away for a moment, but when I returned, the entire portion of pasta was gone – proof of just how delicious it is!

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