Bonds Of Affection : Thoreau On Dogs And Cats by Unknown author

Bonds Of Affection : Thoreau On Dogs And Cats by Unknown author

Henry David Thoreau’s book, Walden, has had a profound impact on many individuals, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Even now, this book continues to challenge, inspire, and transform lives across the globe. However, Thoreau’s legacy extends far beyond Walden. He was not just a writer, but also an engineer, poet, teacher, naturalist, lecturer, and political activist. Each facet of his life has something important to say to us today.

The Thoreau Society presents a series of beautifully crafted books that delve into the mind of this great writer, covering a range of topics – both expected and unexpected. Drawing from Thoreau’s well-known published works as well as his lesser-known lectures, letters, and journal entries, each volume offers a unique insight into his thoughts. Additionally, these books feature exquisite engravings by the acclaimed illustrator and book artist, Barry Moser.

Our Dogs, Ourselves: Exploring the Human-Canine Bond in 13 Thoughtful Chapters

As an avid dog lover myself, I understand the strong bond between humans and canines. Dogs have the ability to empathize with human emotions in a unique way, making them more than just pets. They are truly part of our family. However, there is still so much about them that we don’t understand. Alexandra Horowitz explores this complex relationship in her book “Our Dogs, Ourselves”. She delves into the current culture surrounding dogs and reveals the contradictory ways in which we live with them. While we celebrate their individuality, we also breed them for sameness. Despite our deep emotional connections with dogs, they are legally considered our property. Even the way we speak to our dogs can be perplexing at times.

In 13 thoughtful and charming chapters, “Our Dogs, Ourselves” affirms our immense love for these incredible animals and opens our eyes to their true nature as companions. Alexandra Horowitz takes a closer look at the dog-human bond, exploring how it came to be and how it shapes our lives. She examines the ways in which we acquire, name, train, and interact with our dogs, shedding light on the contradictions in our behavior towards them. By delving into the complexities of this relationship, Horowitz asks us to consider how we want to live with animals in the future.

In a recent book launch event, Horowitz shared some excerpts from the book, including chapters on the peculiar ways we talk to our dogs and the contradictory impulses we have towards them. She also touched on the cultural differences in dog ownership and the impact of overbreeding on certain breeds.

During a Q&A session, Horowitz discussed the role of dogs as ambassadors to the animal kingdom and the importance of including other animals in our circle of care. She also addressed questions about the future of dog ownership, including the rise of robotic pets and the impact of technology on the dog population.

“Our Dogs, Ourselves” offers a deeper understanding of the unique and complex bond we share with dogs. It challenges us to re-examine our attitudes and behaviors towards these animals and encourages us to consider how we want to coexist with them in the future.

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