Book Of Dares : 100 Ways For Boys To Be Kind, Bold, And Brave by Ted Bunch and Anna Marie Johnson Teague

Book Of Dares : 100 Ways For Boys To Be Kind, Bold, And Brave by Ted Bunch and Anna Marie Johnson Teague

Packed with 100 inspiring, creative, fun challenges for boys, this project from the violence-prevention organization A Call to Men responds to parents’ pleas for fostering healthy masculinity, respect, and emotional awareness in their sons. Encourages boys to defy stereotypes, explore diversity through movies, learn from friends, and become leaders.

This collection of 100 original dares aims to expand boys’ perspectives, foster greater respect for girls and non-binary individuals, and cultivate a healthier concept of manhood. The book opens with an engaging introduction and concludes with a call to action and a valuable resource for parents and educators. Drawing inspiration from A Call to Men’s well-established curriculum, this book provides a guide to help boys and young men embrace their true selves.

Teaching Healthy Manhood: The Book of Dares for Boys – An Interview with Ted Bunch and Anna Marie Johnson Teague

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About the Book:

Today’s guests are Ted Bunch and Anna Marie Johnson Teague, who have written a new manual for young boys called “The Book of Dares: 100 Ways for Boys to Be Kind, Bold, and Brave.” Their goal is to help boys broaden their perspectives, promote respect towards girls and non-binary kids, and foster a healthier understanding of manhood. This resource is a result of extensive research carried out by Ted and Anna Marie, who are parents, friends, and experts in violence prevention. They work for “A Call to Men,” an organization that has been working in the field for over 20 years, training men and boys on issues relating to manhood and violence prevention. They have collaborated with various institutions, including sports leagues, the military, and educational establishments, to promote gender equity and prevent violence.

The Importance of Dares:

In their book, Ted and Anna Marie use dares as a way to engage boys in positive challenges that will benefit them throughout their lives. Dares have proven to resonate with boys, and the authors wanted to harness that attraction and use it to promote healthy manhood, authenticity, and gender equity. The book consists of 100 dares, each aimed at encouraging boys to be kind, bold, and brave. These dares allow boys to explore and question societal norms, as well as develop empathy and emotional intelligence.

Who is the Book For?

The book is primarily aimed at boys aged 8 to 13, but its message is applicable to everyone. While some boys may already be aware of the harmful effects of traditional gender roles, others may still be influenced by societal expectations and the concept of the “man box.” The book is for all boys, regardless of their background or level of understanding. It not only opens up conversations about gender equality but also helps boys develop a greater sense of self and empathy towards others.

Real-Life Impact:

One example of the book’s impact is a focus group held in Texas, where a young boy who always wore a hoodie faced teasing from his peers. Through a dare in the book about encouraging uniqueness, his friends began to appreciate and celebrate his individuality. This story demonstrates how the dares in the book can create a positive shift in mindset and promote acceptance.

How to Get the Book:

You can find more information about A Call to Men and “The Book of Dares” on their website, a The book is available for purchase from major retailers and can be ordered online. Join their social media community for updates and insights.

By engaging boys in these positive challenges, we can help shape a future generation of kind, brave, and respectful individuals. Every small step counts, and “The Book of Dares” is an excellent resource for parents and educators seeking to make a difference in the world.

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