Book That Conquered Time : How The Bible Came To Be by Rob Suggs

Book That Conquered Time : How The Bible Came To Be by Rob Suggs

Everyone is familiar with the Bible–after all, it’s still the best-selling book in the world. But just exactly how did we get the collection of sixty-six books that make up God’s Word? The Book that Conquered Time: How the Bible Came to Be tells the sometimes dramatic, always fascinating, and ultimately faith-building story of the Bible. It traces its history from ancient parchments to the modern work of translating the Word into everyday language.

You will discover:

  • The differences and similarities between the Jewish holy books and the Christian Bible
  • How the New Testament writings were copied and collected, including the apocryphal gospels and letters
  • The church leaders who succeeded the apostles, what they wrote, and what they thought of the writings they inherited
  • The church councils, controversies, and disputes that boiled over in the 300s
  • Why certain writings were removed from the Bible, even though they might be helpful if not essential for our faith
  • The purposes of modern Bible translations and the differences between them

The Book that Conquered Time provides fresh insights on why the Bible continues to be the most powerful book of all time.

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