Boom!: 7 Choices For Blowing The Doors Off Business- As- Usual by Kevin Freiberg and Jackie Freiberg

Boom!: 7 Choices For Blowing The Doors Off Business- As- Usual by Kevin Freiberg and Jackie Freiberg

You have been designed to make choices, and your choices define who you are. In front of you, there are seven choices waiting for you to make. Whether you are a leader or someone being led, these choices will determine the quality of your life and the impact you have on the world.

In their book BOOM, Drs. Kevin and Jackie Freiberg distill two decades of wisdom into seven essential choices that have the power to transform culture, service, success, and business.

Choice #1: Be a Player

Choose to actively participate and take ownership in everything you do. Don’t be a bystander; be a contributor.

Choice #2: Be Accountable

Take responsibility for your actions, decisions, and their consequences. Be reliable and follow through on your commitments.

Choice #3: Choose Service Over Self-Interest

Prioritize serving others over personal gain. Look for ways to make a positive impact and help those around you.

Choice #4: Focus Forward

Avoid dwelling on the past or getting stuck in the present. Set clear goals and keep your focus on achieving them.

Choice #5: Play to Your Genius

Identify your strengths and passions and align them with your work. Find ways to use your unique abilities to excel.

Choice #6: Get It Done

Take decisive action and don’t let obstacles hold you back. Be proactive and persistent in overcoming challenges.

Choice #7: Risk More – Gain More

Embrace calculated risks and step out of your comfort zone. The greater the risk, the greater the reward.

These seven choices serve as a wake-up call to freedom and an invitation to form a community of like-minded individuals who can redefine the way business is conducted, breaking free from the mundane Dead People Working™ syndrome.

Drs. Kevin and Jackie Freiberg are highly influential on the professional-speaking circuit. They aspire to create corporate cultures where passionate individuals have the power to make a difference and change the world. The Freibergs’ previous bestsellers include NUTS! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success and GUTS! Companies that Blow the Doors off Business-As-Usual. They have been featured in interviews with CBS’s 60 Minutes, CNBC, and CBS Morning News, where they share their insights on the vital connection between bold leaders, committed employees, accountable cultures, and devoted customers.

The Power of Gutsy Leadership: Inspiring and Engaging Talent in the Workplace

People who are interested in practicing and applying the timeless principles of leadership must go beyond just being leaders; they must be gutsy leaders. My husband and I have had the incredible opportunity to learn from, consult with, talk about, and write about approximately 30 companies filled with gutsy leaders. These are individuals who are committed to doing whatever they can to hold onto talented people because they understand the importance of doing so.

If you’ve attended this event and are feeling affirmed in your leadership, then congratulations! You’re on the right track and have been implementing these principles. However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and thinking that you haven’t quite met the mark, don’t worry. What matters most is not where you’ve been or what you’ve done before, but where you’re going. Take what you have learned today and focus on applying it as you continue your journey of practicing gutsy leadership and embracing these timeless principles.

It’s crucial to remember that the talent around you will evaluate their own behavior based on how they see you responding to critical incidents. An example of this is USA, a 71 billion dollar insurance company based in Texas. When their members were affected by devastating fires in San Diego, the chairman of the company, Bob Davis, personally traveled there with his leadership team to help those in need. Davis realized that their policies were not enough and went above and beyond to provide support and assistance to his members. This kind of compassionate and decisive leadership sets a powerful example for others to follow.

Gutsy leadership involves surrounding yourself with talented individuals and doing whatever it takes to retain them. It’s about creating a workplace where they want to be and giving them the freedom to excel in their gifted areas. Recruit and identify employees who have the right attitudes and passion, but also make an effort to inspire and re-recruit those who may have lost their motivation along the way.

Recognizing and affirming employees are essential aspects of effective leadership. People need to feel valued and appreciated for the work they do. Take the time to acknowledge their contributions and let them know how they have added value to the organization each day.

Leaders who understand the power of their spending habits can make a significant difference in their organizations. Dr. Jim Goodnight, the chairman of SAS Institute, has created a workplace that offers incredible perks and amenities to its employees. However, what truly drives their passion and commitment is the meaningful work they do. Goodnight recognizes the importance of giving employees a compelling reason to want to come back to work each day.

Lastly, as a leader, it’s your responsibility to constantly find ways to re-engage your people. This means stepping out of your comfort zone and into their world when challenges arise. It may not always be easy, but by demonstrating servant leadership and showing that you are willing to go above and beyond, you will inspire and re-recruit your talented employees.

practicing gutsy leadership means going beyond the traditional role of a leader. It involves embracing timeless principles and applying them in your organization. Leaders must lead by example, respond to critical incidents, and create an environment where employees feel valued and empowered. By doing so, they can attract and retain talented individuals who will contribute to the success of the organization.

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