Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic by David Currie

Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic by David Currie

David Currie’s upbringing was deeply rooted in fundamentalist Protestantism. Growing up in a devout Christian family, with a father who was a fundamentalist preacher and both parents as teachers at Moody Bible Institute, Currie was surrounded by theologians, seminary presidents, and founders of evangelical mission agencies. His education further solidified his ties to this religious tradition, with a degree from Trinity International University and enrollment in the Masters of Divinity program.

In an effort to explain his conversion to Roman Catholicism to his fundamentalist and evangelical friends and family, Currie wrote a book. In this book, he presents a clear and well-structured account of the reasons behind his decision. He dives into the theological and doctrinal beliefs that Catholics and evangelicals share, as well as the key points of divergence, including the Eucharist, the Pope, and Mary.

Currie’s approach is detailed and comprehensive. He offers a lucid examination of the commonalities and differences between his former faith and his newfound belief in the ancient Church founded by Christ. Through this exploration, he aims to bridge the gap between his own religious journey and the understandings of those closest to him.

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