Bowdrie’s Law : Stories (Revised) by Louis L’Amour

Bowdrie's Law : Stories (Revised) by Louis L'Amour

Lawman, manhunter, and peacemaker – these are just a few of the roles that make up the lives of the fearless Texas Rangers. Among them, Chick Bowdrie stands out as a true legend. The treacherous paths and rugged landscapes of Texas are where he thrives – from the dense wilderness of the Big Thicket to the arid expanses of the Pecos and the borderlands.

Bowdrie is a man who bears the marks of his harsh existence. Enduring the relentless desert sun and wind, his body is a canvas of scars, a testament to the countless gun battles he has fought. His piercing black eyes convey a steely resolve, reminiscent of the loaded .44 caliber pistols with their hammers cocked, ready to unleash their deadly force.

While Bowdrie may ride under the banner of justice, he is guided by a set of principles that form his own law – a law that is both relentless and unforgiving. This is Bowdrie’s Law, a code by which he lives and lets no one defy.

For those who dare to stray onto the wrong side of Bowdrie’s Law, heed this warning: your only chance of survival is to run, and run as fast as you can. The long arm of justice, wielded by the relentless Texas Ranger, will always catch up to those who choose to challenge it.

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