Brady : Life Lessons From A Legend by Brian Boone

Brady : Life Lessons From A Legend by Brian Boone

Brady: Life Lessons From a Legend explores the valuable principles and strategies for success imparted by the greatest quarterback of all time. With his famous quote, “If you don’t play to win, don’t play at all,” Tom Brady’s extraordinary journey from an underrated recruit to an NFL superstar is a testament to his unwavering self-belief and relentless commitment to improvement.

Over the span of his more than two-decade-long career, Brady has achieved unparalleled records in Super Bowl wins, game wins, touchdown passes, passing yards, and completed passes. In this captivating book, readers gain an exclusive perspective on the challenges and victories that shaped Brady into an unstoppable athlete and astute entrepreneur.

From his early days at the University of Michigan to his remarkable tenure with the New England Patriots and triumphant transition to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady’s story is a captivating master class on striving for excellence, even in the face of doubt from others.

Brady: Life Lessons From a Legend offers more than just an account of his remarkable achievements. It presents readers with inspiring quotes directly from Brady, providing invaluable insights and wisdom to anyone with lofty aspirations. Additionally, the book delves into Brady’s biographical background, showcasing his humble beginnings, meteoric rise to fame, and his most remarkable milestones.

The book is brought to life with stunning original artwork that captures the essence of a champion and serves as a visual representation of Brady’s unparalleled success. With its guiding truths and hard-earned lessons, Brady: Life Lessons From a Legend equips readers with the tools needed to conquer their own goals and achieve greatness.

Where Are They Now? The Post-Brady Lives of The Brady Bunch Cast

Marcia Brady left nothing to the imagination. Try not to gasp! Who can forget the charming lady in a classic 3×3 grid, and of course, Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! The Brady Bunch captured the hearts of audiences everywhere during its original run in the 1970s. Despite this adoration from fans, it didn’t receive much critical acclaim or high ratings. It wasn’t until syndication that audiences finally saw how extraordinary this show was. This led to the reunion shows and spin-off movies being produced nearly 50 years later. What an impressive feat for one cultural icon!

Where Did They Go?

But where did all these beloved characters go after their time on The Brady Bunch ended?

Mike Brady – Robert Reed

Robert Reed, best known for his role as the classic family man Mike Brady, was a student of acting at Northwestern University and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Before he returned to America to join the summer Shakespeare rights Off-Broadway theater troupe. It wasn’t until 1961 when Robert finally stepped into an on-screen character, Kenneth Preston, a law school graduate from The Defenders, that marked his first serious gig as an actor.

After The Brady Bunch, Reed went on to pursue other acting gigs but eventually found himself teaching drama at UCLA until 1992 when he tragically passed away at only 59 years old.

Carol Brady – Florence Henderson

Florence Henderson, born on Valentine’s Day in 1934, was brought into the world. We all know her as America’s sweetheart and for playing The Matriarch Carol Brady in The Brady Bunch. Her talent extended far beyond television. Prior to joining the bunch, she starred in hit Broadway musicals such as Wish You Were Here in 1952 and Fanny in 1954. From a young age, singing has been an important part of Henderson’s life. Taught by her mother at two years old, by her 12th birthday, she had already begun performing regularly at local stores, cementing that music would always be a key element of her journey.

After The Brady Bunch, Henderson went on to gain even more fame and success. For instance, she became the first woman ever to co-host The Tonight Show. Not only that, in 2008, she had a show of her own, the Florence Anderson Show. Additionally, she was featured in popular shows such as The King of Queens, 30 Rock, and The Cleveland Show. Her achievements were acknowledged by Entertainment Weekly, who ranked her number 54 amongst their list of 100 greatest TV icons. After years filled with accomplishment and joyous moments, Henderson passed away at 82 on Thanksgiving Day 2016.

Alice Nelson – Ann B. Davis

Ann B. Davis is best remembered for her portrayal as the sassy and wise Alice in The Brady Bunch. But prior to that, she was a familiar face on several other TV series, including The Ford Show and Starring Tennessee Ford. Although acting wasn’t initially part of her plan, after watching one of her brother’s theatrical performances, she chose to switch gears from pre-medicine courses to theater drama studies instead.

After The Brady Bunch, Davis went on to reprise her iconic role as Alice Nelson for six more spin-offs. In 1974, however, Davis made a sudden departure from show business when she joined an Episcopalian religious community in Denver, Colorado, and became a born-again Christian. She passed away at 88 years old in 2014.

Jan Brady – Eve Plumb

As a youngster, Eve Plumb already had quite the resume in show business. Prior to her most notable role as Jan Brady in 1969’s The Brady Bunch, she started acting at an early age and went on to appear in several television commercials before being featured on shows such as The Virginian and It Takes a Thief. As it turns out, playing the down-on-her-luck middle sister Jan was just another stop along her path of becoming an American actress, singer, and painter who has achieved global fame.

After The Brady Bunch, Plumb’s unwillingness to sign a five-year contract for the role of Jan in reunion attempts allowed her to explore more exciting roles, like that of Dawn in “Portrait of a Teenage Runaway.” Even today, she continues making appearances on television shows and films while also doubling as an acclaimed painter with works ranging from $65 up to $2,450. Her studio is located in Laguna Beach, where Plumb crafts beautiful paintings using oils, watercolors, and acrylics.

Bobby Brady – Mike Lookinland

On December 19, 1960, in Mount Pleasant, Utah, Mike Lookinland burst onto the scene at just nine years old when he was cast to play Bobby Brady on The Brady Bunch. As if that wasn’t enough success for one lifetime, VH1 also named him 42nd of their 100 greatest kid stars. And there have been multiple reunion specials since then. Mike’s fame is truly something to be admired.

After The Brady Bunch, the show concluded, Lookinland reprized his role as Bobby Brady in six spin-off series. His career took a turn when he became a production assistant on various projects. This was inspired by Robert Reed’s gesture of gifting Super 8 cameras to all cast members. Currently residing and operating a business making decorative concrete in Salt Lake City, Mike credits Reed for igniting his passion for photography through this gift many years ago.

Greg Brady – Barry Williams

Barry Williams was determined to make it in show business. Without hesitation, he changed his last name from Blencorn to Williams at just 11 years old. And sought advice from the well-known actor Peter Graves on how to best achieve his dream. After receiving an acting coach and enrolling in scene study courses, young Barry landed his first role in 1965. By 1969, he had become known for portraying Greg Brady, the coolest Brady kid by far.

After The Brady Bunch, Williams released a few albums and went on tour with some of his fellow cast members. He then decided to pursue musical theater and secured prominent roles in notable plays such as West Side Story, Grease, The Music Man, and even The Sound of Music. Not only that, but he also made guest appearances on shows such as General Hospital, Three’s Company, and That ’70s Show. Recently, he joined Sirius Satellite Radio, where he spun ’70s music every week. As if that weren’t enough, though, Williams continues to star in musical theater performances while also doing public speaking around the world.

Peter Brady – Christopher Knight

When Christopher Knight was only seven years old, he already had a successful acting career, having appeared in television commercials for Toyota, Tide, and Cheerios in 1955. His big break came when he landed a role on Gunsmoke. However, it wasn’t until 1969 that he became an international phenomenon after being cast as Peter Brady in The Brady Bunch. With his attractive looks and charismatic nature, Knight quickly cemented himself as one of Hollywood’s most beloved teen idols.

After The Brady Bunch, Knight abruptly took a break from his acting career. Yet in 1988, he shifted direction and began to pursue the tech sector, joining Martech as an exceptional sales representative that went on to become vice president of numerous computer companies before launching Escape Labs in 1998. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for him to get back into television. By 2003, he had returned with roles as a reality star on My Fair Brady and The Surreal Life Brady.

Cindy Brady – Susan Olsen

On August 14, 1961, in Santa Monica, California, Susan Olsen was born, destined to become one of the most beloved characters on television. She had two small roles in Gunsmoke and Ironside before being cast as Cindy Brady at just eight years old. With her signature kind little girl persona that featured two curly pigtails, she always endeared herself to audiences around the world and became an icon for generations to come.

After The Brady Bunch, Olsen ventured down a different path. She works as a graphic designer for a clothing store in Malibu and started Man in Space, where she designed glow-in-the-dark Converse sneakers. Subsequently, becoming an LA talk radio personality on Two Chicks Talking Politics. She was let go after making homophobic comments towards LeAnn Rimes. At present, Olsen serves to promote migraine awareness with pride and enthusiasm.

Marcia Brady – Maureen McCormick

On August 5, 1956, Woodland Hills, California, was graced with the birth of Maureen McCormick, an actress who immediately captured America’s hearts. At only 13 years old, she landed her most iconic role as Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch. Quickly rising to fame as one of TV’s favorite characters, young girls had a strong example in this depiction of what it meant to be smart, kind, and noble. It didn’t take long for McCormick’s portrayal to become America’s sweetheart.

After the first season aired, McCormick’s downfall. Following The Brady Bunch’s closure, Maureen McCormick experienced immense tension from having to retain her virtuous image and struggle with securing work. In 1995, she tied the knot with actor Michael Cummings and released a compilation of country songs for an audio album as she attempted to rediscover herself. Everyone was uncertain as to whether or not we’d ever see her gracing our screens again.

After struggling with addiction and body image issues for years, Maureen McCormick made her triumphant return to television in 2007 as a contestant on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. Through determination and effort, she managed to win the competition at the end of the season. This experience gave her invaluable insight into how gaining weight negatively impacted her happiness. Finally, in 2016, McCormick was invited back onto TV screens when she became part of season 23’s Dancing with the Stars cast, proving that anything is possible.

Oliver – Robbie Rist

On April 4, 1964, Robbie Rist was born in La Mirada, California, and quickly became an iconic force in Hollywood. One of his earliest roles included playing Cousin Oliver in The Brady Bunch when he was only nine years old. To help boost ratings for the show as the young Brady children were growing up. His most well-known performance is arguably Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. Due to this role and others like it, he has truly cemented himself as a versatile actor with decades’ worth of experience under his belt.

After The Brady Bunch, Cousin Oliver is a beloved (or aggravating, depending on your perspective) figure. However, Rist discovered his place in the entertainment industry through producing music and doing voiceovers. Together with director Anthony C. Ferrante, he created soundtracks for Sharknado movies and has also voiced multiple characters in English versions of anime and video games. Recently, you can find him as an actor on the TV series Buried in the Backyard or the movie Old News.

Sam Franklin – Allan Melvin

On February 18, 1923, in Kansas City, Missouri, the renowned actor Allan Melvin was born. He’s notable for his roles on numerous shows, including Flash Gordon, The Phil Silvers Show, and, of course, the classic series we all love, The Brady Bunch. In 1969, he played Alice Nelson’s boyfriend, Sam, who became clearly beloved by fans as a part of the family. His role was then of a neighborhood butcher shop proprietor where viewers often saw him delivering meat to his customers. Thank you, Sam Franklin.

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