Brain Quest Workbook : 2nd Grade Revised Edition (Revised) by Workman Publishing

Brain Quest Workbook : 2nd Grade Revised Edition (Revised) by Workman Publishing

The Brain Quest Workbook: 2nd Grade Revised Edition (Revised) provides an enjoyable way to enhance learning! This workbook is filled with numerous activities, exercises, and games in various subjects, ensuring an engaging experience for any second grader. Covering sentence building, addition, subtraction, fractions, time, money, social studies, geography, science, and more, it offers a plethora of fun activities to help students review and reinforce what they learn in school.

This revised edition includes a technology section, updated content, extra support for parents and children, and a delightful progress sticker map with stickers. Additionally, it comes with a completion certificate and a mini Smart Card question-and-answer deck. To ensure quality, the Brain Quest Grade 2 Workbook aligns with national and state standards and has been reviewed by award-winning teachers.

By appealing to children’s natural curiosity and providing easy-to-follow explanations, this workbook makes learning less daunting. With Brain Quest, second graders can embark on an exciting learning journey. Get ready to experience the ultimate second grade workbook and make learning an enjoyable adventure!

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