Breaking Bread : Essays From New England On Food, Hunger, And Family by Debra Spark and Deborah Joy Corey

Breaking Bread : Essays From New England On Food, Hunger, And Family by Debra Spark and Deborah Joy Corey

Nearly 70 esteemed authors from New England have come together to discuss the vital role food plays in nourishing our mind, body, and spirit. In the captivating anthology, Breaking Bread, these renowned writers and food enthusiasts explore the deep connection between what we eat and how it intertwines with various aspects of our lives, including family, community, grief, pleasure, love, ethics, race, and class.

Within the pages of this exceptional collection, you will encounter a diverse range of essays penned by literary talents and food experts. Lily King delves into the world of chocolate chip cookies, Richard Russo explores the significance of beans, Jennifer Finney Boylan curated her thoughts on the art of homemade pizza, and Susan Minot nostalgically reflects on the non-food items that shaped her youth. Richard Ford, on the other hand, dissects his disinterest in the culinary realm.

The anthology also features captivating pieces such as Nancy Harmon Jenkins’ love letter to scallops and Sandy Oliver’s delightful account of embracing the locavore lifestyle. Other essays transport readers to different cultures, from reminiscing about cherished childhood Iranian dishes to vividly showcasing the horrors of starvation in a prison camp. There’s even a heartwarming story about baking pot brownies for an unwell friend and the joy of purchasing a prized chocolate egg for a child.

Notably, the proceeds from the sales of this remarkable collection will be donated to Blue Angel, a nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating food insecurity. Blue Angel achieves this by connecting local farmers with those in need, ensuring the delivery of healthy and nutritious food.

The Power of Food: Connecting through Stories

The Norwich Bookstore recently hosted an event to celebrate the anthology “Breaking Bread,” a collection of food-related essays. The event featured readings from contributors Marjorie Irvine and Annelise Jakimedes, who shared their personal stories about food and family. The essays highlighted the important role that food plays in our lives, from the memories of childhood meals to the connections we make with others through shared meals. Irvine’s essay focused on the traditions of her grandmother and mother in the kitchen, while Jakimedes’ essay explored the experience of cooking for her visually impaired partner. Both writers shared the challenges they faced in crafting their essays and the importance of telling their stories. The event provided a glimpse into the diverse stories and experiences captured in the anthology, which delves into topics such as hunger, community, and cultural heritage. The event highlighted the power of food to bring people together and create lasting memories.

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