Breaking Out by Lydia Michaels

Breaking Out by Lydia Michaels

Introducing the second installment of the gripping and sensually charged contemporary romance trilogy called Surrender. In this captivating tale, two men find themselves entangled in a fierce competition for the mind, body, and heart of a woman who may never succumb to their desires – or even her own.

Evelyn “Scout” Keats, having escaped the hardships of her past on the streets, now resides in the opulent penthouse master suite of Hotel Patras alongside her lover and billionaire, Lucian Patras. Unbeknownst to Scout, the freedom she enjoys came at a steep price paid by Lucian. For the sake of her safety, Lucian made a dangerous deal with someone from her dark past: Parker Hughes.

Lucian, bound by his pledge to keep Scout protected, agrees to stay away from her for a grueling thirty days. Meanwhile, Parker, determined to permanently keep Lucian and Scout apart, sets out to claim Scout as his own. However, both men underestimate Scout’s strength and resilience. She refuses to be commodified or used as a pawn in anyone’s power struggle.

With unwavering self-respect and a formidable courage, Scout makes it clear to both Lucian and Parker that she requires no one but herself. Yet, Lucian has a different agenda…

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