Breathe by Lauren Jameson

Breathe by Lauren Jameson

Author: Lauren Jameson
View book: Breathe

Two individuals come to understand the true meaning of relinquishing control in the scorching hot latest novel penned by the author of Blush and Surrender to Temptation.

During his trip to the Mexican shoreline to overlook his chain of extravagant resorts, business tycoon Elijah Masterson acquires an exquisite emerald green glass sculpture for one of his properties. Intrigued by the alluring seductress who crafted it, he becomes enamored. The chemistry between them sparks immediately and sets off intense fireworks. However, Elijah hesitates, uncertain if a woman as strong-willed as Samantha would ever surrender in the way he desires.

Headstrong glass artist Samantha Collins conceals a secret longing to submit to the right man. Everything she desires in a partner she sees in Elijah. Yet, aside from one passionate night, he appears determined to maintain his distance. Samantha has persistently held back, but now that she’s finally discovered the dominant man she’s always yearned for, she refuses to let go. Demanding Elijah’s full submission, she presents him with an irresistible offer: a month of complete surrender.

But once the month of extraordinary passion concludes, will either of them find it possible to walk away?

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