Bridesmaid Guide : Etiquette, Parties, And Being Fabulous by Kate Chynoweth

Bridesmaid Guide : Etiquette, Parties, And Being Fabulous by Kate Chynoweth

Are you ready to be a fabulous bridesmaid? It takes more than just putting on a dress and having a few drinks. Luckily, there’s The Bridesmaid Guide, a trendy and informative book that will help you become the best best woman you can be. Author Kate Chynoweth will guide you through all the essential information and provide loads of tips with a touch of humor.

From throwing the perfect bridal shower, to confidently rocking your bridesmaids dress, to delivering a captivating speech, and supporting the bride on her big day, this book has all the solutions you need. Packed with illustrations, it’s a valuable resource that every bride’s best friend should have.

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