Bridgerton’s Bath by Antonia Hicks

Bridgerton's Bath by Antonia Hicks

This companion title to Bridgerton’s England offers a more in-depth exploration of the various locations featured throughout the city. It also provides a self-guided Bridgerton Walking Tour for enthusiasts.

One of the distinctive aspects that sets the Netflix show Bridgerton apart is its extensive use of real-life locations for filming. Bath, with its exquisite Regency architecture, takes on the role of various fashionable London settings in the series. Bridgerton’s Bath takes readers on a captivating journey through all these locations.

Starting from No.1 The Royal Crescent, which serves as the Featherington’s residence on Grosvenor Square, to Abbey Green, which doubles as Covent Garden, and the Abbey Deli on Abbey Street, which transforms into the Modiste couturier. The series also cleverly intersects with Jane Austen’s world at the Assembly Rooms, where one of the early balls takes place. Additionally, the 18th-century Bath Guildhall secures a spot on the series’ dance card.

A prominent character in the drama is Lady Danbury, and her magnificent mansion on the show is actually Bath’s former Sydney Hotel, now transformed into the Holburne museum.

In addition to the enticing narrative, the book offers readers a detailed map to navigate the various locations showcased in the series. Furthermore, it provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how Bridgerton was filmed in the beautiful city of Bath.

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