Brilliant Bathroom Reader (Mensa (R)): 5, 000 Facts From The Smartest Brand In The World by American Mensa

Brilliant Bathroom Reader (Mensa (R)): 5, 000 Facts From The Smartest Brand In The World by American Mensa

American Mensa presents: The Brilliant Bathroom Reader – The ultimate book of 5,000 facts curated by the world’s smartest brand. Perfect to expand any curious mind!

Whether preparing for a trivia night or simply looking to engage your brain with intriguing knowledge, this substantial tome of 5,000 facts from the world’s most intelligent brand is just what you need.

These facts will stimulate your thinking, ignite your curiosity, and possibly encourage further exploration. Above all, you’ll have a blast learning about a wide range of topics – from Thomas Edison’s fascinating attempts at mind reading to Dr. Lucy King’s innovative beehive fences that protect farms from marauding elephants.

We’ve covered an array of subjects, carefully selecting intriguing facts that caught our attention while discarding those tired facts that elicit nothing more than a yawn or a “heard it before” response. Topics include:

  • Flora, Fauna, and Funga
  • Science and Technology
  • World Culture
  • History
  • US Presidents
  • National Parks
  • Art, Fashion, and Literature
  • Architecture
  • Health
  • Comics
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Bizarre but True

The Brilliant Bathroom Reader is the ideal gift for discovering fascinating facts during those spare moments. With this book in hand, you’ll always have something interesting to ponder.

10 Genius Black Kids Crushing the Intelligence Game Under 16

I was born smart – duh! Truly, intelligence does come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. These young individuals are seriously impressive, showcasing their genius in various ways. From speaking multiple languages to inventing their own radio station, they are crushing it. The best part? They are all under 16 years old.

1. Marnie Wilfred

Marnie Wilfred is a brainiac of a boy who could give Einstein and Hawkins a run for their money with his IQ. He was reading and writing before the age of three and scored a whopping 162 on the men’s IQ test when he was just 10 years old. His achievements have earned him media attention and invitations to speak at fancy adult events on topics like science, tech, and education.

2. Anala

Anala, another impressive young mind, was already demonstrating her intelligence at a very young age. By the time she was four years old, she was reading, speaking Spanish fluently, and scored a remarkable 145 on an IQ test. Imagine what she’ll achieve in the future!

3. Alana George

Alana George is a unique kid who managed to score an IQ of 140 at the tender age of four, surpassing the intelligence of Einstein and Hawking. She became the second youngest member of Mensa and has been reading and writing since she was just two years old. Despite her exceptional abilities, her parents aim to provide her with a normal childhood.

4. David Balagun

David is not only intelligent but also a critical thinker. He came up with a theory to refute the Big Bang Theory, impressing many with his scientific knowledge. David recently graduated high school at a young age and is already pursuing his dreams of becoming an astrophysicist. His future plans include creating hologram computers.

5. Adam Cabe Kirby

Adam’s incredible intelligence became evident when he started speaking in full sentences at just six months old. Psychologists assessed him and determined that he had an IQ of 141, making him eligible for Mensa. Despite his gifted abilities, his parents prioritize allowing him to enjoy his childhood.

6. Marble Su

Marble Su is an exceptional kid with a knack for languages. By the age of four, she was fluent in French, Creole, and continued to expand her linguistic abilities to English, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, and Arabic. In addition to her language skills, she is also a talented musician.

7. Carson Hui

At the age of 14, Carson Hui’s mastery of quantum physics is truly impressive. He pursued a master’s degree in physics at the age of 18 and is conducting research in quantum mechanics. Carson’s love for music and dedication to his community further demonstrate his incredible abilities and character.

8. Alina Andale

Alina Andale, at just 13 years old, is already attending medical school. She founded an organization called Brown STEM Girl, focusing on helping girls of color pursue careers in STEM fields. Her accomplishments at such a young age are truly inspiring, and her dedication to empowering others is admirable.

9. Caleb Anderson

Caleb Anderson, a 12-year-old genius, has been recognized by Georgia Tech, a prestigious institution, for his exceptional abilities. He is fluent in multiple languages, proficient in advanced mathematics, and began reading at the age of one. Caleb’s intelligence surpasses expectations for someone his age.

10. Calvin Dough

Calvin Dough’s invention of a radio station in Sierra Leone, powered by scraps, has made a significant impact on his community. His creation provided local artists and community members with a platform to share their voices and ideas. Calvin’s ingenuity and dedication are truly commendable.

These 10 genius kids are living proof that intelligence knows no age limits. Their remarkable achievements and contributions deserve recognition and admiration.

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