Bring Home The Joy by Larry Crabb and Zondervan Publishing

Bring Home The Joy by Larry Crabb and Zondervan Publishing

Are you looking for ways to bring more joy and energy into your marriage, regardless of the length of your relationship or the challenges you’ve encountered? If so, you’re not alone.

In a best-selling book, renowned authors reveal the invaluable secrets they have discovered that can transform your marriage and enrich your relationship. Regardless of the obstacles you’ve faced or the time you’ve spent together, their teachings can breathe new life into your partnership.

These authors have extensively studied the dynamics of long-term relationships and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on how to overcome various problems and foster happiness within a marriage. Their insights can help you navigate the ups and downs of your own relationship and bring about positive changes.

By implementing their expert advice, you can create a stronger bond with your partner and infuse your relationship with even greater enjoyment and vitality. This book offers practical strategies and proven techniques to revitalize and invigorate your marriage.

Whether you’ve been together for a short time or several decades, the wisdom shared in this book can help you overcome challenges, reignite passion, and build a deeper connection with your spouse. The secrets unveiled within these pages are designed to bring lasting happiness and fulfillment to your marriage.

Discover the keys to a more joyful and vibrant marriage by learning from these best-selling authors. Their experiences and teachings can serve as a guiding light, helping you create the relationship of your dreams.

Finding True Joy: Bad, Good, and God Joy // Discovering the Keys to Lasting Happiness

Have you ever wondered why you and the people around you do certain things? The reason is simple – we all want to be happy.

Whether it’s playing video games, scrolling through social media, reading books, or spending time with loved ones, we make choices based on the idea that they will bring us happiness. We are all on a constant pursuit of joy.

However, not everything that brings us happiness lasts. We might buy something expensive that ends up collecting dust in our garage, or indulge in a treat that momentarily satisfies our cravings but leaves us wanting more.

So how do we find lasting happiness? According to the Bible, there are three types of happiness: bad joy, good joy, and God joy.

Bad joy:

Bad joy refers to finding happiness in disobedient and sinful behaviors. While these actions may bring us short-term pleasure, they often have negative consequences. For example, playing video games instead of obeying our parents might make us happy in the moment, but it can strain our relationships and lead to negative outcomes.

God warns us against seeking bad joy because he knows that it ultimately leads to disappointment and unhappiness.

Good joy:

Good joy is finding happiness in the blessings and gifts that God provides. It’s enjoying the good things in life that come from God’s hand, such as food, relationships, and experiences. God wants us to appreciate and enjoy these blessings, but he also wants us to recognize that they are temporary and not the ultimate source of joy.

While good joy brings us happiness, it is still limited and doesn’t provide lasting fulfillment.

God joy:

God joy is the deepest and most lasting source of happiness. It comes from being in the presence of God and experiencing his love, grace, and forgiveness. When we truly understand and embrace the fact that God is with us and for us, it brings us a joy that surpasses any temporary pleasure or blessing.

God joy is the kind of happiness that sustains us through life’s ups and downs. It is the joy that Jesus experienced even as he endured the cross for our sake. It is the joy that empowers us to live courageously and generously, even in difficult circumstances.

As followers of Jesus, our goal should be to seek God joy above all else. We should prioritize cultivating a relationship with God and finding our happiness in his presence, rather than chasing after temporary pleasures.

true and lasting happiness is found in God joy. It surpasses the temporary pleasures of bad joy and the limited satisfaction of good joy. It is a joy that can sustain us through the challenges of life and provide us with a deep sense of fulfillment. So let us seek God joy and experience the fullness of happiness that he offers.

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