Broadway : The American Musical by Laurence Maslon

Broadway : The American Musical by Laurence Maslon

Alongside jazz and abstract expressionism, the Broadway musical stands as a distinctly American form of art. Serving as a companion to the six-part PBS documentary series, BROADWAY: THE AMERICAN MUSICAL offers the first all-encompassing history of this genre. It traces its origins from the early 1900s to the resounding triumphs of the present day.

This captivating, in-depth text is beautifully accompanied by a wealth of visual delights, such as photographs, sheet-music covers, posters, scenic renderings, production stills, rehearsal shots, and caricatures. Many of these illustrations are revealed for the very first time. In addition to the narrative, the article also contains engaging sidebars that shed light on the stars, the shows, and the songs which serve as the cornerstone of these great productions.

Furthermore, each chapter includes essays written by some of the most intriguing figures in Broadway history, both past and present. By blending unpublished material, intimate photographs, and a treasure trove of anecdotes and Broadway lore, BROADWAY manages to captivate not only eighth graders experiencing their first high school musical but also seasoned connoisseurs of the art form.

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