Broken Prince by Erin Watt

Broken Prince by Erin Watt

Author: Erin Watt
View book: Broken Prince

The sensational TikTok phenomenon Broken Prince, the second installment in the critically acclaimed The Royals series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Smith, is now available in a special edition complete with bonus material!

Journey into a world of volatile battles and chaotic conflicts, where lives collide within opulent palaces. Amidst this turbulence, one individual embarks on a quest to salvage his own existence. Brace yourself as these Royals threaten to dismantle everything…

Reed Royal possesses an enviable combination of striking looks, social status, and immense wealth. His mere presence is enough to attract a legion of girls at his prestigious prep school, while the male population yearns to emulate him. Yet, Reed’s focus has always revolved solely around his family, with little regard for others. That was until the entrance of Ella Harper transformed his life forever.

Initially born from seething resentment and a desire to torment his father’s newly-appointed charge, Reed’s sentiments towards Ella quickly evolve into something unanticipated—protection. His top priority becomes ensuring Ella’s close proximity and safeguarding her from any harm. Unfortunately, a single reckless mistake tears them apart, plunging the Royal household into disarray and devastating Reed’s world irrevocably.

The once enamored Ella now distanced herself from Reed, fearing that their connection would only result in mutual destruction. Her caution may not be unfounded. As he navigates through treacherous territories of concealed truths, treachery, and formidable adversaries, Reed encounters a level of turmoil unlike anything he has ever experienced before. If he wishes to reclaim the heart of his beloved princess, he must prove himself deserving of royalty.

Broken Prince by Erin Watt: A Riveting and Cliffhanger-Filled Sequel

Welcome to Unbound Book Reviews! Today, I will be reviewing “Broken Prints” by Aaron Watt.

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If you haven’t read “Paper Princess” yet, I suggest checking out my spoiler-free review of that book. However, if you have read it or don’t mind spoilers, let’s continue with this review.

“Broken Prints” is the second installment in the Royal series, written by the talented duo Jen Frederick and L. Kennedy under the pseudonym Aaron Watt. Just like its predecessor, this book ends on a mind-blowing cliffhanger.

The story picks up where “Paper Princess” left off, with Reed’s perspective on the events leading up to Ella’s departure. The secrets and betrayals unravel rapidly, causing turmoil within the royal family. Ella’s absence devastates Reed, and he embarks on a desperate search to find her.

However, Ella remains stubborn and hesitant to believe Reed’s explanations. Despite his best efforts, she distrusts him and finds herself back at the school surrounded by hostile peers. The story follows their growth and reveals the true strength of their relationship.

The writing in this book is impeccable, capturing the essence of seventeen-year-old characters. The dialogues and inner monologues feel genuine and relatable. The suspense and foreshadowing keep readers on edge, always anticipating the next twist.

Although I can’t share too many details without spoiling the story, I can confidently say that “Broken Prints” is a captivating and torturous read. The unanswered questions and intense ending will leave you craving the next book.

If you’re a fan of new adult novels set in high school, I highly recommend pre-ordering “Broken Prints” on Amazon. Trust me, you’ll want to clear your schedule and devour this book as soon as it’s released.

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