Bronco And Friends : A Party To Remember by Tim Tebow

Bronco And Friends : A Party To Remember by Tim Tebow

New York Times Bestseller

In his debut book for children, former Heisman Trophy winner and multi-sport athlete Tim Tebow encourages young readers to embrace their individuality. Based on the heartwarming adventures of his beloved dog, Bronco, this winning tale teaches children the importance of embracing their unique qualities.

The story follows Bronco as he receives an invitation to a party, but soon realizes he can’t find the puzzle piece that everyone is supposed to bring. Determined to find it, Bronco embarks on a search and meets a charming cast of characters along the way. Each of these friends has their own set of worries, ranging from a flightless bird to an allergic goat and a clumsy bunny.

Together, these animals form an unlikely team to locate both Bronco’s missing puzzle piece and the location of the party. To their surprise, upon arrival, they discover that the celebration is actually in their honor! Through this heartwarming story, Tim Tebow emphasizes the importance of embracing diverse challenges and abilities.

Tim Tebow’s message resonates with fans and friends of all ages, particularly those with special needs. While receiving an invitation to a party is undoubtedly exciting, Tebow emphasizes that it’s even more fulfilling to bring one’s unique gifts and talents to the celebration. In the eyes of God, everyone is special, unique, and essential to the party.

Bronco and Friends: The Puzzle Party Adventure

Bronco and Friends: A Party to Remember

By Tim Tebow with AJ Gregory, Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Wake up, squirrel!” shrieked Bronco. “The party is tonight! Do you have your puzzle piece?”

Bronco squinted one eye open. “I’ve got mine,” Bronco patted the soft grass. “Where are my glasses?”

Suddenly, he remembered something important. Days earlier, he had received a card. It read, “Come find our special party, full of music, fun, and treats. We’ll have a big old puzzle, though it won’t yet be complete. Yours is the missing piece, that is no mystery. You’ll find it when you realize you are made purposefully.”

Because Bronco had terrible vision, he didn’t think he was special enough to go to the party, so he had thrown out the invitation. “I guess I’m not going,” Bronco told Squirrel. Yet deep inside his heart, he really, really wanted to.

“At least try to find your puzzle piece. It’s out there somewhere. We all have one. You don’t want to miss this party, Bronco,” Squirrel insisted.

Bronco’s heart began to race. He slapped on his glasses and pawed through his dog dish. No puzzle piece. He dug around the yard. Nothing. Using his special gift of sniff, with his ears attuned to the tiniest sound, Bronco widened his search.

“Do Remy Farso, Lottie Chipmunk,” called out to Bronco. “I’m practicing my scales for the karaoke contest at the party. I want to win!”

“Wow, great pitch!” As he walked on, Bronco saw Pig testing out his tap shoes. “Oh no,” Robin called. “Watch out, Bronco!”

Bronco tumbled onto something soft. Chelsea the rabbit sighed deeply. “I’m so sorry. My long ears are always in the way.” Bronco gathered Chelsea’s ears off the path and gently placed them behind her. “Are you going to the party?” he asked.

“I’d like to,” Chelsea answered, “but I don’t know where it is, and anyway, I have no one to go with.”

“Why not come with me? It’s always better together,” Bronco suggested.

Bronco’s ears twitched. “Is someone crying?”

Ethan wiped away a tear. “What’s wrong?” Bronco asked.

“I’m supposed to go to the party, but my wing is broken. I can’t carry my puzzle piece, and I definitely can’t fly,” Ethan replied.

“Hop on one of my ears and come with us,” Chelsea offered. “Bronco’s showing me the way.”

Ethan hopped up and giggled, tickled by Chelsea’s long and fuzzy ears. The trio traveled on together. Bronco sniffed ahead for his missing puzzle piece. “Ah-choo!” Bronco sneezed.

“Embarrassed, a goat slung to the ground. “Are you okay?” Alexis chirped.

“I sneezed too loud and scared everyone away,” the goat said. “I’ve been invited to the party, but I don’t think anyone would want me there.”

“We do,” Bronco said, and the gang walked on. Bronco’s nose led the way, searching for the party and his puzzle piece.

“My ears are so heavy,” Chelsea fussed. “I don’t know how much longer I can hop, but I really want to go to the party.”

Ethan whispered, “I’m so hungry. Ah-choo!”

Alexis interrupted herself with another sneeze. “Let’s go, friends. We can’t stop now.”

But as Bronco sniffed onward, he looked at his friends inside. “What if I let them down? This is too hard,” Bronco yelped. “I don’t think I’ll ever find my puzzle piece, and I don’t know the way to the party.”

“You can do this, Bronco,” his friends chorused. “I wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for you,” Chelsea said. “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you finding Chelsea,” Ethan chirped. “I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t invited me along,” Alexis pleaded.

“Maybe I am here for a reason,” Bronco thought. “Ah-choo!” Alexis knew so big and so loud, the branches swished open.

And wait, what is that? “I smell pizza. Are those lights? I hear music!” The party critters of all kinds paraded down a velvety red carpet with glittery lights. It was a celebration like no other. Bronco couldn’t wait to go inside.

Bronco’s heart fell. He still hadn’t found his puzzle piece. Sadly, Bronco turned to leave.

“Wait!” That’s Bronco,” Colby, the handsome host in his natural tux, said. “Looking for this?” The pooch leapt with joy. “That’s mine, Bronco. You helped each of your friends get here today.”

“Thanks to your special gifts of sniff and hearing, each creature is born unique. Our differences make us special, and someone special like you is always able to do great things,” Colby praised.

Bronco paused beside a grand table with a giant puzzle. His was the missing piece everyone was waiting for.

“Are you ready to celebrate?” Colby asked. Now it was time to party.

“Hop on, Chelsea,” announced Ethan to his tiny friends as she flapped her giant ears. Alexis gobbled up some tasty treats before she needed to sneeze again. Bronco, Colby said, “I heard you have a side hustle mixing beats. Just show me where the DJ booth is.”

Later that night, under a beautiful starry sky, the four friends walked home. They beamed and giggled as they shared their favorite moments from their party to remember.

“You are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.” – Ephesians 2:10. You are unique, you are special, and you are wonderful.

The End

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