Broom Of One’s Own by Nancy Peacock

Broom Of One's Own by Nancy Peacock

For the novelist who had her work published twice, coming across an article in the National Enquirer that featured a headline declaring “Here’s One for the Books: Cleaning Lady Is an Acclaimed Author” was not just surprising, but also served as a source of inspiration. In her book titled A Broom of One’s Own, Nancy Peacock, whose debut novel was recognized by the New York Times as a Notable Book of the Year, explores the essence of being a writer with a delightful blend of warmth, humor, and honesty.

Peacock’s work serves as a valuable source of encouragement for all aspiring artists, regardless of their means of earning a living. She offers insightful advice and perspectives on motivation, skill development, and receiving critiques, while also sharing amusing anecdotes about the homes she cleans as a profession.

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